By: Steve Dellar | 02-24-2018 | News
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Antifa In Germany – Police Clearly Instructed Not To Engage

Just as the rest of Europe, Germany is changing. It has taken a turn to the right ever since the failed immigration policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The voting public knows it, the members of parliament know it, only the media and the police of major cities have clearly not caught on yet.

The first signs were there 2 years ago when in Koln hundreds of girls were attacked by immigrants and it took the press about a week to admit what had happened. The stories of policemen being instructed not to write up the ‘cultural origin’ of the attackers are everywhere on the internet for anyone who speaks and understands German.

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By now, with the AfD polling just as high as the Social Democrats in the latest election and some 65% of Germans voting center-right or right, one would assume the media and police in major cities would have shifted as well.

Not so, in Berlin and Hamburg this week there were, admittedly small, marches by mostly older citizens who are fed up with the rising immigrant crime statistics and want Merkel to shift her tack.

As most of these people are not of the ‘internet’ generation they are not yet as organized and therefore their protests are sometimes not as numerous. Antifa, the far-left on the other hand, appeals to the young (who have no possessions and nothing to lose as long as they live with mommy and daddy, but I’m getting off the point) and therefore they like to counter-march with 350 shouting youngsters trying to intimidate the protesters whilst shouting “Nazi Scum.”

Police see the aggressiveness towards these senior citizens expressing their opinion and getting harassed by youngsters and chose not to engage. This week, an organizer of such a rally saw her house covered in graffiti and paint as a result. Intimidation tactics all along.

If anyone voting right in Germany is “Nazi Scum” as Antifa youngsters claim, then someone should better inform them that 65% out of 83 million citizens is…… a whole lot more than what you see on the surface.

But I guess they know better. I admit I thought I knew everything at that age as well.


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Anonymous No. 19276 2018-02-24 : 22:30

Merkel is Socialist, ANTI-FA is Socialist…

The 2 are connected.

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