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Parkland, Florida - Local Mom Tiffany On Parkland Law Enforcement And Mental Health

A Florida mother whose son is facing a possible felony charge for using 50-state legal, hemp-derived CBD oil to treat his ADD and PTSD has come forward with her take on the failure of law enforcement and school administrators to detect the warning signs in Nikolas Cruz when her son, an honor student with no history of bad behavior or legal problems, was spirited away from his school via the Baker Act. In the case of Nik Cruze, there were obviously many <a href="">warning signs through social media</a>. The authorities had been warned that Cruz might be a threat and never acted on it. Meanwhile, <a href="">Tiffany's son</a> was rushed to an inpatient mental health facility until doctors saw him and determined he was, in no means, a danger to himself or others. Tiffany was livid when I spoke to her and she offered the following as an open letter to the administrators and law enforcement involved at Parkland as well as at the magnet school her son attends.

<blockquote>This all makes me sick this kid had 39 calls on him many assaults incidents of weapons and bullets at the school, threats and on and on. But they could not do anything but a 15-year-old honor student never in trouble never any issues get Baker Acted felony charges for legal CBD oil and put him through hell but could not be bothered with a future mass murderer.

Mental health agency examined Cruz in 2016, didn't hospitalize him. A crisis worker was called to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High to evaluate Nikolas Cruz in 2016 but decided against hospitalizing him, according to a state report.

I find the mental health professionals and the law enforcement to be 100% negligent in Parkland shooting. Here in Florida you Baker Act children all the time that don't meet the criteria like my son a honors student that has never had a violent bone in his body never been in trouble. Against my wishes, while I begged you not to and telling you, you were hurting my son far more than you were helping him you Baker Acted him. Thankfully he was released by Doctors saying there is nothing wrong with this boy. To then calling Child Protective Services and having us investigated to once again find no cause. But you could do nothing in the case of Nikolas Cruz. If that is the line all of you are shoving down our throats then all of you are completely culpable and need to be fired. You clearly do not know how to identify mental or criminal issues which is your job.

Nikolas Cruz was talked to just like [my son] by officers and mental health professional at the school for cutting and stating he was going to buy a gun. The official knew he actually was cutting on himself and had brought weapons to school but found that he did not meet the criteria for a Baker Act that he was not a harm to himself or others. Weapons actual admission of the cutting and he did not meet criteria. But [my son] did no history of violence or history of cutting had a few scratches that did not even break the skin that he said happened with a paperclip just screwing around not trying to hurt himself.

The doctor spoke with [my son] and he was released immediately stating he did not belong there nor need their services. That's B.S. about him not being able to be reached with Baker Act they can be held 48 to 72 hours and then be court ordered to stay as long as it is redeemable.</blockquote>

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Anonymous No. 19223 2018-02-24 : 10:39

The Anti-gun Liberals are pushing to raise the purchase age to 21.

Let do it and raise the age to vote to 21 also.

Both are serious decisions.

Seriously we should consider how Far Left the USA culture has gone since the 1970's.

Maybe we should consider seriously look at repealing the 26th Amendment that lowered the voting age to that of the Military draft and enlistment, which is now 18.

Of course there will be those the logically argue, if a person is old enough to defend the United States in War, aren't they be old enough to own firearm to defend themselves?☺

Wolf Moon No. 19267 2018-02-24 : 21:03

I think Nikolas Cruz WAS in Tavistock-type "experimental" treatment - highly confidential - and THAT is why there was SO MUCH obvious effort to keep him OUT of all normal treatments and measures. The "diversionary" program was used to sort out kids, and some were diverted into nasty stuff.

The CLEAR PATH was created FOR a shooter who was under 24/7 monitoring b/c of his foster father's employment. Same as Nancy Lanza. THAT is the IC connection. We know they abuse IC - what better cases than NO WARRANT NEEDED - highly deniable?

The DEMS need a vertical lineup of cooperating entities, just like Q says. They created a PATHWAY for the events they needed. MONEY was used to influence all the levels where things needed to happen.

How do you bait the FBI?

How do you bait the CIA?

How do you bait the schools?

How do you bait the sheriff?

Once they controlled every entity, they could lie and schmooze to let kids like Cruz come through their intentionally broken system, broken with failed ideology, corruption, etc.

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