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GOP Mega Donor Will Pay For US Jerusalem Embassy

The State Department is looking into the legality of accepting private donations to cover the cost of proposed US embassy in Jerusalem. President Donald Trump's controversial decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem, which he declared to be the capital of Jerusalem, has ruffled many a feather in the international community, but some very wealthy parties and special interests are obviously supportive.

Sheldon Adelson, who likely made a killing after his OSI body scanning technology was adopted at the Wynn hotel directly after the Vegas shooting) is considering donating to make the new Jerusalem embassy a reality. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has already signed off on moving the embassy from its former location in Tel Aviv to the city that is designated a "holy land" to three major world religions. It is possible that more donations may be solicited from interested parties in the American Jewish and evangelical Christian communities. Adelson has offered to pay off the difference (possibly hundreds of millions of dollars) between what is available and can be raised through other sources. Some are concerned that this would be just one more note of controversy to what is already an iffy idea from the first in many minds.

The move has definitely made Trump more popular amongst many Israeli's going so far as to inspire a "Trump naming frenzy," but the UN voted the US's proposed move was vetoed 14-1. Despite all this some, like Ambassador David Friedman, feel the change should be enacted as soon as possible. There's a possibility that the administration could have everything in order in time to have the embassy constructed by Israel's Independence Day in April.


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