By: Major James Burdock | 03-23-2017 | News

London Attack : Policeman's Ultimate Sacrifice Protecting Parliament

The Goldwater mourns for Keith Palmer, a heroic policeman who gave his life to defend the British Parliament, while it was under terrorist attack.Prime Minister Theresa May, witnessed the carnage only 30 meters away from her.The terrorist drove his Hyundai 4x4 along the pavement on the crowded bridge to the parliament, knocking down the public before crashing into a fence below Big Ben.More than 40 people has been injured.The terrorist then got out of his car with two knives and continued the slaughter.The Prime Minister vowed that Britain would 'never give in to terror' and 'defeat hate and evil' after she blasted the 'sick and depraved' attack in Westminster.Three other police officers were injured, two of them were in 'serious condition'.The attack comes a year to the day after the atrocities in Brussels and was said to be 'an Islamic-related terrorism'.Tributes poured in, via social media for the police officer, with people calling him a 'hero'.A statement by Nottinghamshire Police said: 'RIP Metropolitan Police officer - PC Keith Palmer. Father, husband, police officer of 15-years, who died today protecting the public. When many ran from danger, you went towards it.'The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan added: 'Tonight we have learned that the courageous police officer who was killed while protecting our city was PC Keith Palmer.”'Keith Palmer was killed while bravely doing his duty - protecting our city and the heart of our democracy from those who want to destroy our way of life.”Every agency from British special forces, M-I-6 domestic intelligence, spooks at M-I-5, and all of the spy agencies in America and Europe are involved on the hunt to track down the bastard.

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