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As we reported yesterday, Mr Justin Trudeau is pulling out all the stops during his visit of the Indian subcontinent in order to get business contracts for Canada for what one day will become the most populous country in the world.

He’s having a ‘spot of trouble’ though. Whereas at first it was only the Indians laughing at him and his family ‘trying a bit too hard’, by now the Canadian press has also started to realize that this Trudeau family visit is ‘a slow-moving train wreck’ and that no economic agreements will come from this.

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"Mr. Trudeau, I must, say is barely even in the news here," Mr Vivek Dehejia, a resident senior fellow at the IDFC Institute who study India’s trade relations, stated.

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He didn’t want to go as far as the international and Canadian outlets who have been calling the visit, so far, a potential "snub."

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Mr Dehejia continued: "The trip is best described as a slow-moving train wreck. Very little substance has come out of it and very little actually will emerge from this visit apart from some nice photo ops."

Realizing the press coverage back home, Mr Trudeau opted for ‘normal business attire’ today.


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Anonymous No. 19146 1519395784

THIS is what a try-hard looks like. Oh, also… isn't this TECHNICALLY "cultural appropriation" i.e. racist? I mean by the ultra-left's standards nearly EVERYTHING is considered racist, right?

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