By: Ace Jackson | 03-23-2017 | News
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4chan Predicts The Sudden Death of David Brock, CEO of Media Matters

Earlier this month, there was an anonymous post on 4chan, discussing David Brock.

The posting said,

“James Alefantis is a Rothschild, He was the boyfriend of David Brock of Media Matters Who is now under heavy investigation and is the only link to Alefantis Rothschilds are going to clean up Media Matters in a giant fire, Brock to be found dead of a heart attack later Spread the word.”

David Brock’s boyfriend is Alefantis. It should be noted that James Alefantis owns a pizza restaurant. The famous one that has been the center of attention for child trafficking lately. It is so ominous that the last person that could tie any of this together was David Brock, who just had a heart attack.

Thankfully he did not pass. Our best wishes go out to him and his family. Media Matters is an NGO owned by George Soros. It has been used to attack and lobby the public for support of interests of Mr. Soros.

Let’s continue to follow this situation. The death predicted by a fortune teller on 4chan anonymously thankfully didn’t happen. Although the heart attack that was foretold on March 6th did. Perhaps some other fortunes will come true.

4chan has had much discussion on the events of ‘Pizzagate’. George Soros owner of Media Matters likely gave orders to David Brock the CEO. James Alefantis who was Brock’s boyfriend was also the top suspect in the Pizzagate child trafficking conspiracy that has been rocking the world for months. If James Brock had died there would have been no between George Soros and James Alefantis. This should solve the Rothschild’s problems by breaking the chain that tied the Pizzagate to George Soros. It is going to be interesting, and I don’t believe for a moment that 4chan will let up on this until there is closure in the Pizzagate conspiracy.

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