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A week ago, we informed you about an extra-marital affair of the political number two in Australia, Prime Minister’s Turnbull’s deputy PM, Mr. Joyce, had been caught with his ‘hands in the cookie jar’ after a relationship with one of his staffers surfaced.

As we said at the time, the whole of Australia was watching on a daily basis as to what would happen to Mr. Joyce and now we finally have our answer. Given the continued commotion and the damage this has done to the ruling political party in Australia, Mr. Joyce decided to ‘step down’.

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Commenters on social media were quick to point out that Mr. Barnaby Joyce was, in essence, recognizing ‘that what started as a personal matter, quickly became a distraction.’

At an improvised news conference, Mr. Joyce said: “I’ve acknowledged that in many areas, I’m rough around the edges.”

“I never tried to be anything else.”

He had previously admitted to an affair with a former staffer, Ms. Campion (see our earlier story) who is currently pregnant with his child.

Though Australian media was at first reluctant to report on the relationship with the woman, Ms. Vikki Campion, all that changed when it was discovered that the couple were going on taxpayer-funded trips and were living rent-free in an apartment paid for with tax money.


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Okay, one question, where did he get that fabulous hat ?

Anonymous No. 19139 1519391683

Every guy should have a Mistress on the side to give the wife a break?☺

But according to Women Liberals shouldn't SHE the mistress, have a right to use her body as SHE wishes?

Marriages that where men have mistresses with the wifes OK and or sister wives seldom breakup

Anonymous No. 19147 1519396884


That's an interesting proposition (re: open relationships, religious polygamy) have you got any sources to confirm that (not doubting, but any citations would be appreciated).

Anonymous No. 19176 1519433515

that's terrible to have a tabloid pictured on the main screen

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