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First Gun Control Bill Since Florida Shooting Gets OK'd By Oregon

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In the wake of the tragic Florida shooting, the gun control debate has been a hot topic and now Oregon's Legislature became the first to act Thursday banned people convicted of stalking and domestic violence or under restraining orders from buying or owning firearms.

The bill passed in the Oregon state Senate on a 16-13 vote which appears to mark the first passed gun-control measure since the February 14 shooting in Parkland, Florida. The measure was actually introduced before the shooting but gained momentum in the wake of the Parkland Shooting.

The Democratic Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said she intends to sign into law the measure approved by the House earlier to protect victims of domestic violence. The move may not actually be a bad idea even though anytime gun rights are taken away from the people it should be met with skepticism.

Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords survived a shooting in 2011 that left her with a brain injury, she applauded the passing of the aptly nicknamed boyfriend loophole bill. "Oregon is taking the lead to protect communities from gun violence," said Robin Lloyd, government affairs director for Giffords’ nonprofit organization.

The bill brings to mind Kansas gunman Cedric Larry Ford, 38, who was angered after he served by a restraining order barring him from contact with someone he abused. The authorities believe the restraining order contributed to why Ford went on a shooting spree and killed three people and injured 14 others.

On the other hand, what is to stop someone from seeking a restraining order against their ex out of spite even though they never did anything that warranted the order. This could result in innocent people loosing their gun rights over revenge or other abusive applications of the new law.

What do you think? Is this a good bill, or don't limit anyone's ability to own a gun period?

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Anonymous No. 19107 2018-02-23 : 05:42

>Attack gun owners and gun makers

>Free up all those nasty guns towards welfare and immigration policy

>Police is still shitty, "Militarized Police" meme bullshit aside

Fight for your right to defense, or let big ol'government retards who created this culture of multiculturalism bullshit go with their autocratic idiocy.

Anonymous No. 19121 2018-02-23 : 08:50

Search using "duckduckgo" not google for 80% lowers and Jigs to build your own LEGALLY.

There likely over 100,000+ purchased in the last 2 years. People have stocked up on Reloading equipment, powers, primers and projectiles and cases. Note: these have a shelf life of 20-30 years if kept sealed. 50 to 100 years if loaded. I regularly used WWII and Korean war 30/06 surplus.

But with that said .

Face it we need Mentally Ill People Control, not More Gun Control.

In the complete Firearms history NO GUN has ever gotten up from a table of shelf and started shooting innocent people with out a person. There was always either a violent criminal or Mentally Ill person be behind it.


History has taught us that every time too much gun control or Bans were imposed the Government within a few months or years started on the path to reducing rights and freedoms and either becoming totalitarian or mass murders cleaning out undesirables.

Look down under that banned firearm. They still have Gun Murders. I guess criminals don't obey laws there either.

BTW: food for thought

isn't it Liberal Luck☺ that within hours of the Florida Schools shooting Mueller just happen to finally release the Russia Investigation findings and that TRUMP WAS INNOCENT.

That could not have worked out better for the Liberals to over shadow their 2 years of lies and fake news.

Arbetarbroder No. 19367 2018-02-26 : 02:06

Dont let them take Your guns!!

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