By: Kyle James | 02-21-2018 | News
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Ferndale Cop Convicted Of Assault Back On Patrol

What happens when you're fired for assaulting someone on the job as a police officer? Well, for one officer in Ferndale, Michigan he decided to just apply for a job at another police department, and they accepted him.

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The incident started April 18, 2016, when Jason White was caught on video assaulting a teen who he was taking into custody. 17-year-old Khalil Williams was not resisting and was already laying on the ground when White began beating him.

Police officer’s advocates say White is a decorated cop and army veteran who made a bad decision. The Oakland County Prosecutor picked up the case against White and he was convicted of assault for beating the teen. That didn't stop White from going to another police department in Hazel Park and getting hired there.

Now he is back on patrol despite his criminal record and many are not happy about it. Ferndale Police Chief Timothy Collins said back in 2016, "When your emotions get the best of you, or whatever happened in this case, has no place in law enforcement. When an individual has surrendered themselves and put themselves in a compliance situation, then it is hands off."

When White's new boss was asked if he had any concerns about White being a liability for the department Hazel Park Police Chief Brian Buchholz said, "I do not. He’s a solid guy, he’s not going to make a mistake like that again. He’s happy to be where he’s at, he’s thankful, and I’m confident."

I wish the police would show that same type of optimism toward everyone and not just toward one another.

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