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Los Angeles - Police Crackdown On Party Houses

The Los Angeles City Council approved a new ordinance on Wednesday that seeks to crack down on so-called party houses by imposing new fines on both event hosts and homeowners.

The measure particularly targets residences in the Hollywood Hills and other hillside neighborhoods that have become semi-commercial venues with valet parking, red carpets and security guards.

Critics of such events say that homeowners and property managers are renting out the residences to hosts who throw lavish parties with too much booze and loud music, and often drawing hundreds of party-goers.

The new law was first proposed by Councilman David Ryu in 2016 and expands the definition of “loud and unruly conduct” to include loud noises, obstruction of a street or public right-of-way, public intoxication and more.

Ryu exerted efforts to explain what the law is really targeting. He said: “Let me be clear about what we’re talking about here, these are not barbecues or family gatherings. These are large events, flier parties, often with a cover charge that bring hundreds of people.”

Violators of the new measure will be fined up to $8,000 and they will be required to post public notices telling neighbors of their unlawful conduct.

Since September, Los Angeles City Atty. Mike Feuer has filed misdemeanor charges against several homeowners and property managers at residences where loud events are alleged to have taken place and disturbed the neighborhood.

Neighbors have been complaining of the parties getting worse, starting with the booming noise from the bashes. Buses and trucks also block the narrow hillside roads, then posing a safety risk.

Ryu’s office said the neighborhood council supported the measure because it will provide “great relief” to residents who have “endured the unruly parties.”


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Anonymous No. 19029 2018-02-22 : 05:16

More and more liberals are taking away the ability for youth to blow off steam and have some fun. Partying is called being young kid and something almost everyone has done in their youth. If your taking away the ability to throw parties you better be providing an alternative way for youth to have some fun.

Say What No. 19195 2018-02-24 : 05:36


WTF? …taking away the ability for youth to blow off steam and have some fun. " What youth can afford security guards, valets, red carpets, and obtain liquor? Those are grown adults. Other than that, I agree that Liberals are slowly, but surely taking the rights of citizens away. Sad part is those same people whose rights are being eroded are voting the ass clowns in.

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