By: Kyle James | 02-22-2018 | News
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California - Governor Brown Bars Teachers From Shooting During Attack

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill over the weekend when no one would notice that bars teachers from shooting back if they came under fire at a school.

The bill is an absolute violation of the constitution and takes away the ability for teachers to defend their lives and the lives of their students.

Bill AB 424 was quietly rushed through by Democrat Assemblyman Kevin McCarty on Saturday after five California school districts decided to allow teachers or staff to have concealed carry permits. These five school districts would gain the ability, and the right, to be armed on campus to defend their lives and the lives of their students in the event of an attack.

The five districts to allow armed teachers on campus are Kern, Kingsburg Joint Union High School District, Folsom Cordova Unified School District, Anderson Union High School District, and Palo Cedro’s North Cow Creek School District.

McCarty justified the bill to disarm teachers by saying, “A safe learning environment is essential for our children to be successful in the classroom. That’s not possible if a school district allows armed civilians to roam California school campuses.”

That statement couldn't be further from the truth. There has never been a single attack by an armed teacher on schools, in reality, having armed teachers is one of the only ways to keep schools safe. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Period.

California will soon be a sanctuary state with no right to defend yourself even as hundreds of thousands of felons flood into the country in droves bringing cartel and gang violence with them.

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Anonymous No. 19023 2018-02-22 : 04:30

Absolutely stinking outrageous!

Anonymous No. 19043 2018-02-22 : 08:43

I think "Moonbeam" is mentally ill.

Anonymous No. 19052 2018-02-22 : 10:00

FAR Liberals have now declared open unchallenged season on students.

Moonbeam Sux No. 19068 2018-02-22 : 15:02

When is somebody going to realize that California has a completely unhinged lunatic as governor? He’s a danger to society and should be placed in a mental facility. He has broken every oath of office and will not protect CA citizens Constitutional rights.

RevNancyKorb No. 19082 2018-02-22 : 19:02

I think that Mr. Brown is mentally ill. But in this case, I would remove all students from classrooms, put the teachers at a secret location to teach their classes on the Internet from home. They would meet in secret places once a week to hand in homework and to meet and talk. The locations would change from week to week. Our children not exposed to GUNS…even those carried by teachers, and certainly away from liberals.

anonymous No. 19083 2018-02-22 : 19:04

Another idiot. but I'm sure he's well protected by a gun.

Don Bolen No. 19359 2018-02-25 : 20:25

A. McCarty is an idiot. We already know that moonbeam Governor Brown is an idiot First Class.

B. Should any teacher be harmed in a school shooting incident, where he/she could have made a difference, but because they were not allowed to defend themselves because of tjis unconstitutional idiocy, the Governor amnd tjose that voted for the bill should be charged with being an accessory to the injury or death of the teacher.

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