By: Earnest Jones | 03-23-2017 | News
Photo credit: Streetcap1 | Youtube

Alien Mothership Visits Our Space Station

Call it conspiracy. Call it Lunacy. Video captured from NASA clearly shows an alien mothership floating past the International Space Station. Or something did.The speculation was triggered by a strange footage which shows part of the space station looking out onto a black nothingness. The dark view starts to get lighter as some sort of circular object is seen floating past NASA’s International Space Station. The orb continues to get lighter and lighter as the shadow becomes lighter. The astounding video points out that the one who streamed it wasn’t sure that it was a huge mothership or any sort of alien spacecraft. The occurrence looks very unusual. Streetcap1, who is a renowned alien enthusiast, uploaded the footage to his YouTube channel on March 19.He was watching the mysterious shape move past ISS when he points to the big shadow coming across the picture. Some of his loyal fan base concluded that it was proof that extraterrestrial life exists.One of the users was quick to conclude that it was a “Mothership.” Other users suggested that it could have been the camera filter which was moving out of the screen.Some suggested that it was simply the sun’s light coming around. One viewer said that the background was completely obscured by a large object. Other questioned how it could be a shadow or an eclipse. The strange sightings come after another strange video surfaced claiming to show alien crash sites on the moon. Some people still believe that alien bases still exist on the moon. Other believes humans never set foot on it. Still other believe the earth is flat and the moon an optical illusion in “the firmament.”Theories asied, back in August 2014, mysterious objects were spotted near the International Space Station. The incident put extraterrestrial enthusiasts in a frenzy. White orbs were seen by eagle-eyed UFO watchers who spent hours watching and monitoring NASA's live webcam.According to blogger Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, the photo was one of the first one to point out the appearance while describing it as a glowing disk.Warring said that he had taken a screenshot of the UFO and enlarged it. He said that It had a long line down its middle and a dome on its top, but is rectangle on its lower bottom.SOURCE:

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