By Ron Cordova  |  03-22-2017   News
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Shia LaBeouf's failed "He Will not Divide Us" art project has started up yet again. Anons on 8chan have declared the new setup as 'Season 4'. Season 4 of HWNDU is yet again a flag setup. The flag pole appears to be the same as before, but the background noise is different now. Anons have assumed Shia setup this flag pole in the back of a pickup truck and will be driving it around and changing locations. Tune in to watch Season 4 of HWNDU and lets see together how it unfolds.


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Anonymous No. 1904 1490233739

His project doesn’t make any sense. Ironically he is the one causing the division.

Anonymous No. 1919 1490270678

Absolutely absurd. And you are right. It is extremely divisive.

Anonymous No. 1925 1490289939

Wow, I just wrote that on #Votable

The title alone makes it silly - "moving out of the U.S" - DUMB! No he will not divide're dividing yourselves.

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