By: Savannah Smith | 03-22-2017 | News
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"Gosh,Golly, Goodness!”:Gorsuch Gives Great Performance In The Senate Hearing

Neil Gorsuch simply acted the way a judge should-and potential soon Justice of the Supreme Court- and managed to outwit all the Democratic Senators who tried to grill him. In the end, Gorsuch left all the Democrats frustrated with not getting him to answer more than he should.

Gorsuch was the picture of patience, grace, tenacity and restraint in the 10-hour grilling he had to endure from senators. Democratic senators were persistent in asking him about his take on pressing political issues and how he would likely decide on such issues should he be confirmed as a Justice to the Supreme Court. President Trump's nominee wisely only gave a few hints to his judicial philosophy.

Democratic Senators tried to force Gorsuch to admit how he stands on abortion. The Democrats are of course strongly in favor of abortion. They expressed their fears over President Trump's campaign promise that he will appoint a judge who will overturn Roe vs. Wade, the case that ruled women have the right to get an abortion.

Gorsuch was particularly questioned if the President had asked him to overturn the abortion decision. The 49-year old Colorado judge said he would have walked out had Trump asked him that. He also said that no one in the Trump administration including the President himself has asked him to promise to rule in a certain way on some cases should he make it as a Justice to the Supreme Court.

Gorsuch was also aggressively grilled on the 2nd Amendment and the Citizens United campaign finance decision. Gorsuch refused to be pressured by the Democratic Senators' intimidation and stood his ground. Gorsuch said it would not be right or proper for him to say how he would rule in future cases.

Democratic Senators hit Gorsuch for avoiding to fully answer their questions. Gorsuch defended himself and said that previous Supreme Court nominees from both parties followed the same standard he bravely stuck to through-out the tough grilling. He said the nominees are not supposed to comment on political controversies or issues they may later rule on.

Gorsuch was able to share, though, that it was demoralizing and disheartening for Trump to criticize the judges who ruled against his first executive order on the temporary travel ban.

Gorsuch was cool and calm, and even casual at many points when he used expressions as "gosh, golly, and goodness" a lot in his answers.

Republican Senators in contrast asked lighter questions on Gorsuch, with some even humoring him for his patience. Some generously praised Gorsuch and expressed relief that he was Trump's nominee.

Over all, it was a great performance by Gorsuch as Democrats failed to rattle him. They also failed to get him to discuss his personal beliefs on issues, a good mark for a judge and future Justice of the Supreme Court.

The hearing will continue on Wednesday.

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