By: Earnest Jones | 03-21-2017 | News
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“Our Worst Nightmare”: FBI Investigates Police Force Pedophile Ring

Members of Louisville Police Department are being investigated for running a child sex ring. Allegations of human trafficking, production of child porn and rape are some of the charges being considered. FBI has been instructed to investigate, as Louisville Police cannot assist in investigating their own departments.

The Police officers from the Louisville Police Department are suspected of rape, production of child porn, and human trafficking through a government funded youth program.

Greg Fischer who is the Louisville Mayor said that alleged sexual abuse of children in the police department’s Youth Explorer program is “the worst nightmare” for Louisville.

The Louisville Mayor also revealed that former U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey had been called in to review the investigation of Louisville Metro Police.

The investigation included police Chief Steve Conrad. The U.S. Attorney will determine whether mistakes had been made in the crucial process.

The crucial part of the investigation will be to determine if the pedophilia ring is localized within the department or spans outside to others.

Most cases of pedophilia rings extend and interlink with other larger networks in the United States and abroad. The Louisville Mayor Fischer pledged to unravel any evidence of a cover-up of child sex abuse by the police department saying.

The former top prosecutor in the Eastern District of Kentucky, Harvey, who stepped down in January, said he would conduct an in-depth review to determine if the investigation was effective and determine if the correct procedures had been used.

A former Scout alleged that he was raped by Officers Kenneth Betts and Brandon Wood. After a lawsuit was filed on his behalf, it was concealed by department officials.

The two officers are accused of sexually assaulting the former Scout from 2011 through 2013. The two used the disgusting incident to record pornography.

Reports from the Courier-Journal said that Conrad ended an investigation of alleged improper contact between Betts and a teenage girl in the program because Betts resigned in 2014.

Brandon Wood is still with the force but on administrative assignment.

A statement made by Conrad revealed that he is dying to talk about the allegations. However, he said that he is barred from doing so by a gag order by the court preventing any discussion of the allegations

The mayor declined to comment when asked whether additional police officers or youths were involved, citing a pending criminal investigation by the department’s Public Integrity Unit.

The Councilman David James said Friday he was glad the mayor reached out to the FBI. Although in such cases of police misconduct, an FBI investigation is usually protocol.


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