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Netanyahu Confidante To Turn State's Witness In Fraud And Corruption Case

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has had a rough couple of weeks. On top of the fact that the issue of deportation notices warning of possible "permanent detention" for African migrants who refuse to leave <a href="">sparking global protests</a> which he is <a href="">blaming on George Soros.</a> Then, there is the fact that Israeli police are now recommending he be indicted in two separate cases, each carrying several possible charges.

In one case he's accused of potentially receiving bribes from <a href="">admitted former gun runner and Israeli spy Arnon Milchan</a>. Someone I was debating with on Twitter just last night tried to claim that this was simply a case of BB receiving "gifts from a friend." Well, that's part of the issue with one of the cases, but the charges of fraud and corruption related to Netanyahu working with the owner of the paper Yedioth Ahronoth to take down competition strikes me as far more salient. The latest news in the case is also related to alleged media collusion, fraud and bribery.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Do you even know the details of this supposed fraud? We are not talking embezzlement. We are talking gifts from a friend who does not even live in Israel. This is how the Leftwing and Joint list operate. They can&#39;t win at the polls so they go after Netanyahu this way.</p>&mdash; Hotcat (@VeronicaTalbot9) <a href="">February 20, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Most recently developing, a confidant of BB has agreed to turn state's witness in one of the cases. This could potentially be devastating for Netanyahu's continued viability as a world leader. Shlomo Filber could potentially be the final nail in the coffin for Netanyahu according to some critics and local media sources. There are also the rumors that Netanyahu may attempt to rally an emergency election in order to halt any potential legal proceedings so that he might invoke the force of the Likudnik party about him.

Netanyahu is denying all allegations at this point and is still adamant about running for a fifth term in office with elections currently set to be held late next year. Filber was a personal appointee of Netanyahu's who was given charge of the Communications Ministry. He decided to cooperate with police and turn state's evidence after he himself was arrested along with top executives at Bezeq Telecom, the largest telecommunications company in Israel.

As of yet, no comment from the police fraud squad or Filber's lawyer regarding what kind of deal, if any, had currently been struck. The police currently suspect that Bezeq may have received some regulatory benefits in exchange for favorable media coverage at a popular news website that was under the control of Bezeq's former chairman. Bezeq executives are denying any wrongdoing. The Goldwater will be continuing coverage of this story as it develops.


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