By: Savannah Smith | 03-22-2017 | News
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San Francisco Teachers Hitting Students Then Being Coached To Lie

Teachers are supposed to be our children's second parents when they are at school. Parents expect teachers to protect their kids. But there are bad people everywhere, including teachers. Some may hurt kids. Sadly, a number of teachers may even get away with their wrongdoings- especially when they get much "creative help" from their unions. Project Veritas conducted another investigative, undercover story, this time focused on a teachers' union in San Francisco, and the findings are shocking. Project Veritas Investigations found out that teachers' union representatives will go to great lengths to protect teachers against any accusation of physically hurting their school children. The union will not even hesitate to discredit a child accusing a teacher of hurting him or her just to protect the teacher. Based on a union representative's own words, they may even advise a teacher to flat out deny any wrongdoing. "It ( the teacher hurting a kid) did not happen if there are no witnesses" may be a common thinking and advice from the union based on what Project Veritas caught on video. Project Veritas sent journalists to play an undercover role as a friend of a teacher who has hurt a kid in school, and as a teacher who has done the same seeking the advice of Antonio Mankini, Staff Organizer of United Educators of San Francisco. In both instances, his comments, pieces of advice and views are shocking, alarming and deplorable. Mankini at one point even told the friend seeking the advice that he'll be safe to just deny hurting a kid, especially if there are no witnesses. And especially if there are no bruises, marks or scars left on the kid who was hit by a teacher. As far as Mankini is concerned, there's no case if there's no evidence. Mankini also admitted that teachers have hit kids before, and they're still working.Another shocking moment was Mankini's view that a lot of kids don't openly admit that they were hit or hurt by teachers. Many of the kids he said won't even come forward with complaints against their teachers because that's simply how they are treated at home! Mankini makes it appear that hurting kids is normal, and acceptable. Mankini even gave tips on how to hit kids " the right way", by making it appear like hitting a kid was just accidental, with no intention to hurt. He even specifically told the undercover advice-seeker that "elbows are awesome weapons, too. They are harder than a fist and are intense stuff." Mankini said he apply force on kids, and can perfectly make it look like an accident. He said he knows the tricks to make hurting kids seemed like an accident because he served in the law enforcement for 17 years. He said he could hit a kid and not leave a mark. He also shared to the undercover advice-seeker that he had "clotheslined" a kid in class, other kids saw their classmates go down but they all believed it was an accident. Mankini said that he made it appear like the kid ran into his arms by accident, rather than him being deliberate in stretching his arm and hitting the kid, forcing him to get pushed backward and falling.Project Veritas James O' Keefe said in the investigative piece that he understands that unions need to protect their members in as far as getting due process is concerned when they face charges. But he said it is crossing the line when unions go to great lengths to protect their members even when they are guilty of hurting kids by giving them creative advice on how to lie about their crimes. O' Keefe ended with a question if it is right for unions' to protect teachers and their bad behavior at the expense of their victims, the children they have intentionally hurt. Source:

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