By: Savannah Smith | 03-22-2017 | News
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Twitter Calling For CEO Jack Dorsey’s Resignation

Pressure is mounting for Jack Dorsey to resign as Twitter CEO. The voices asking for a change in the popular social media platform's leadership are increasing, and soon Dorsey may find them hard to ignore. And there are good reasons why many wants to see Dorsey out. Under his leadership, Twitter has been facing troubles. Numbers are down and no user growth.

A study conducted by the University of Southern California also found out that at least 48 million user accounts are by bots, not people. Those are computer-generated tweets and retweets, and not done by humans. That's already a huge 15% of its 319 million total over all monthly active users. It was also double Twitter's own estimate of only 8% accounts run by bots. Twitter is having problems with its advertisers, too.

Dorsey had clear orders to get things better for struggling Twitter, when he came over in 2015. Things turned for the worse. Its fourth-quarter earnings missed revenue forecasts, said Thomson Reuters. It gained only less than 1% revenue growth for the entire year. Twitter is hurt by weak advertising sales.

The effect on its credibility with the bots discovery is adding to its problems too.

It was also found out that online advertising from top and reputable companies are being placed alongside offensive or racist materials including jihadi recruitment videos. That adds again to questions on Twitter's credibility.

Stocks are sinking down by more than 19% since Feb. Investors in the UK are unhappy. But the most disappointed could very well be billionaire investor Chris Saca. Saca was one of the earliest investors of Twitter. Now, he said he hates the site, the stocks, and the bots. He said he lost hope with Twitter.

Lastly, Many believe the massive bans being carried out which seemed to be politically motivated may finally be catching up with them.


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