By: Kyle James | 02-21-2018 | News
Photo credit: Texarkana Texas Police Department

Texas Man Jailed After Posting Photo With AR-15 "I'm Thinking About Going Back To School"

Another instance that seems to have been inspired by the Florida shooting has landed another man in jail. Texarkana police say, Ricky Jared Rankin, 24, was arrested at his Texarkana Texas home Tuesday for making terrorist threats.

Rankin was arrested for making a post Monday night on Instagram that showed a picture of an AR-15 assault rifle with the caption "I'm thinking about finally going back to school". People who saw the post became concerned and forwarded the post to Texarkana Texas Police Department.

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Detectives acted on the tip immediately and began an investigation which resulted in obtaining an arrest warrant for Rankin. Local school districts were notified of the threats and the ongoing investigation as a safety precaution.

Officers with the help of the FBI arrested Rankin outside his home on Park Lane but the weapon in his post has not been located. The authorities did seize weapons from Rankin's family and they were disarmed for his actions.

Chief Dan Shiner said, "We don’t know if this post was meant as a joke or if he really planned to go to a school with a gun. However, our department takes comments like this very seriously and will take swift action to protect the children in our schools. No one wants the tragic events that we’ve all seen in other places to be repeated here."

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Anonymous No. 18927 2018-02-21 : 04:56

That's not an ar-15 it's a shitty sks with a collapsible stock and detachable mag mod.

Every "black" gun is being referred to as an ar these days, heck even pistols.

Anonymous No. 18932 2018-02-21 : 05:35

it probably wasn't even his gun, it probably was a picture offline. Good job dude, now your a terrorist

Anonymous No. 18936 2018-02-21 : 06:34

Fucking idiot meme lord made me giggle in my seat

Anonymous No. 18944 2018-02-21 : 09:09

IF the picture show is the weapon in question.


The Receiver appears to be an cheap SKS Old Soviet Russian Semi-Auto Firearm, that can be purchased for $125 and the stock changed out to TRY and make it look bad.

It would not surprise me if he does not even own it, and just grabbed a picture off the Net. More than likely the IDIOT wanted some attention and Ohhhh did he get it.

Anonymous No. 18955 2018-02-21 : 11:41

"The authorities did seize weapons from Rankin's family and they were disarmed for his actions."

Due Process?

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