By Earnest Jones  |  02-20-2018   News
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Authorities arrested a Mobile man on Monday for allegedly selling stolen weapons belonging to a law enforcement official.

The suspect has been identified as William Powell, 24, he was arrested after he attempted to sell the weapons, which were reported stolen from a private home in mid-December to a pawn shop.

Authorities managed to arrest the man as part of a wider investigation into stolen guns in Mobile area. Sometime early this month, three Mobile teenagers were arrested in connection with a series of gun thefts, often being stolen from vehicles.

Officials have revealed that a total of 1,158 guns were reported stolen from January to November 2017, with only 245 of those guns recovered. According to Mobile police chief Lawrence Battiste the theft incidents have raised a warning on the majority of guns stolen remaining in the streets of Mobile. Battiste also warned that the potential of young people and potential criminals trading the weapons is high.


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Anonymous No. 18911 1519168368

Hi-Point 9mm Really!!! A cop should know better than to buy crap the likes of that, also a thief should know better than to steal from a cop.

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