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San Francisco, A ‘Dirty Boulevard’ Of Disease and Drug Needles

A new study has some shocking revelations about San Francisco that unearths its dirty secrets- literally! The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit surveyed 153 blocks of downtown San Francisco in search of trash, needles, and feces. The probe found out that trash is littered across every block. The survey also discovered 41 blocks dotted with needles and 96 blocks sullied with piles of feces.

The Investigative Unit surveyed 153 blocks of the city encompassing the 20-mile stretch that includes popular tourist spots like Union Square and major hotel chains. The area bordered by Van Ness Avenue, Market Street, Post Street and Grant Avenue is also home to the City Hall, schools, playgrounds, and a police station.

The Investigative Unit was just taking photographs of about a dozen hypodermic needles scattered across one block when a group of students passed by on their way to an afternoon field trip to the city hall.

Teacher Adelita Orellana said young kids being exposed to such dirt is pretty dangerous. She explained: “We see poop, we see pee, we see needles, and we see trash. Sometimes they ask what is it, and that’s a conversation that’s a little difficult to have with a 2-year old, but we just let them know that those things are full of germs, that they are dangerous, and they should never be touched.”

Even 3-year-old A ‘Nylah Reed sees and knows how dirty the roads are on her walks to school. She said: “The floor is dirty.” The toddler is also enraged by it all: “There is poop in there. That makes me angry.”

The Investigative Unit devoted three days assessing conditions on the streets of downtown San Francisco and discovered trash on each of the 153 blocks surveyed. Some streets were littered with small items as a candy wrapper but unfortunately, the majority of trash found included large heaps of garbage, food, and discarded junk. The investigation also found 100 drug needles and more than 300 piles of feces throughout downtown.

The dirt found in the streets can have serious health implications. Dr. Lee Riley, an infectious disease expert at University of California, Berkeley said: “If you do get stuck with these disposed of needles you can get HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and a variety of other viral diseases.“ He also warned that once fecal matter dries, it can become airborne, releasing potentially dangerous viruses, such as the rotavirus. Riley also added that if that is inhaled, it can also go into the intestine. The results can then prove fatal, especially in children

The more shocking thing is Riley even believes that based on the findings of the Investigating Unit survey, parts of the city may even prove to be dirtier than the slums in developing countries.

Some say the state of affairs in the city is simply unacceptable, and that it can have severe implications on the place like loss of tourists. Experts blame San Francisco’s wrong policies for its inability to address the root cause of the problem like homelessness. The city is said to be too focused on finding permanent houses for the homeless while neglecting to provide temporary shelters for the time being.

As it is, the city is also spending a steep amount for its efforts to clean up the dirty city. The 2016-2017 budget for San Francisco Public Works already includes $60.1 million for Street Environmental Services.

In an earlier article, The Goldwater also reported how many residents are leaving San Francisco that can even be described as a “mass exodus” and the reason for the hasty exit is because the people no longer want to put with a lot of, well, crap- and literally at that. The exodus is hitting record numbers.


Ironic that San Francisco is also one of the most welcoming cities for illegal immigrants, but with all its dirt, it looks like it can not even be a sanctuary for its own legal residents- tax-paying Americans.


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Anonymous No. 18887 2018-02-20 : 15:25

What a great place to raise your childrem

anonymous No. 18895 2018-02-20 : 18:17

conservatives need to run them liberals out of there. maybe then you would be able to raise your children in a safe environment.

Disgusting..... No. 18902 2018-02-20 : 21:06

SanFran is now, by far the biggest Sesspool in america. Blame Obozo on this……its been ovee run by Mexican trash….sad though years earlier i was a pretty. Local…..

Although i live on the East Coast i take note to how the Government has chosen to change the lower half of Cali in a giant cesspool that the Government choses to swim in……Terrible…..Disgusting…

Anonymous No. 18904 2018-02-20 : 21:10

……whats sad is my sister is stuck between SanFran and the boarder….

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