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More than 40 Pounds of Meth Seized in Des Moines

Court records show that authorities in Des Moines managed to seize more than 40 pounds of methamphetamine after federal agents executed search warrants last week in central Iowa.

The incident left six Iowans, including three from Des Moines, charged on Wednesday with intending to sell methamphetamine after agents executed warrants in Oklahoma and Iowa. The police in Iowa found more than 47 pounds of meth, at least 14 pounds of marijuana and more than $77,000.

Most of the meth seized came from the residence of Terry Carl Sapp in the 4600 block of Hubbell Avenue on the far northeast side of Des Moines, authorities said. Around 25 pounds of meth were seized in a suitcase in the attic of his home, about 13 pounds of meth in the garage and a 9mm handgun.

Authorities also found at least 2 pounds of marijuana in the attic and $6,000 was recovered from the home. Sapp admitted to possessing the drugs. The officers also searched the home of Nicholas Allen George in the 3200 block of Tiffin Avenue in the city's Highland Park neighborhood and they recovered 5 pounds of meth from the home, along with about $6,300. Of the meth seized, 3 ounces were found in a kitchen cupboard and an ounce was discovered in a safe, a Des Moines narcotics investigator said in court records.

A report from George revealed that he was receiving a pound of meth a week for the last three to six months, though he thought 2 pounds of it was "bad" and had not sold it. The drugs tested positive for meth.

Another home belonging Jennifer Michelle Jesse in the 1800 block of Dean Avenue in city's Capitol East neighborhood had about 2 ounces of meth in a safe and another ounce in a dresser, authorities said. Jesse also had more than $3,900 on her.

The others charged in Iowa included Timothy Charles McClain, 58, of Promise City; Jeffrey Chaffee, 54, of Carlisle; and Samuel Ivan Lamb, 57, of Lucas. Also at Lamb's residence in the 200 block of East Morton Street in Lucas, police recovered about 8 pounds of meth inside a green ammunition case on the floor near Lamb's bed, and another pound of meth was found on the bed, according to a complaint.

Around 12 pounds of marijuana was found in the home, 10 of which was in a freezer, authorities said. Police also recovered $50,000 from Lamb's bedroom. In Promise City, police yielded a large bundle of cash, believed to be hundreds of thousands of dollars, at McClain's home in the 300 block of North Street, court records show. McClain told agents he had $225,000 in the home, though it was not clear if officers found that amount of money.

The police also recovered 93 grams of meth in a bedroom and 103 grams of meth in a bag under the bed. More than $11,900 and about 278 grams of meth were found at the home of Chaffee in the 400 block of North 1st Street in Carlisle.

This comes after <a href="">Mexican cartels were found to be bringing meth back in a big way</a>. The drug is being smuggled in by the tons by the Sinaloas and other cartels. The exponential growth in popularity is dramatic and evident by the numbers. Back in 2008 there were 23 overdose deaths in all of New Mexico that were related to methamphetamine usage. 2014 saw that number skyrocket to 111.


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anonymous No. 18896 2018-02-20 : 18:20

put him in a Public Square and beat him. put a sign around his neck that says drug dealer. embarrass him, humiliate him. then send them to prison. maybe even a Mexican prison.

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