By: Major James Burdock | 03-21-2017 | News
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Look Familiar? Le Pen Poll Numbers Going Haywire

After a three-plus hour debate and much of the French silent about their real pick, French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen is being rewarded with some interesting poll numbers. Poll numbers eerily similar to those of America pre-Trump.

Clear front-runner Emmanuel Macron seems to be enjoying the lead Hillary Clinton did before calling Trump voters a “basket of deplorables.” Not so fast, say the “sous le manteu” - loosely translated to “hidden polls.” Editorialist and pollster Ivan Rioufol is citing numbers of French celebrities and social elite who are wary of defying the populist vote.

Something else strinkingly familiar is the disdain curent president President Francois Holland has for an anti-establishment, nationalistic bombastic candidate. He is actively campaigning against Le Pen and much of the country is wondering if this familiar situation may be setting up for Trump, part deux.

Macron is currently enjoying double digit leads in the “standard” polls. Looking odds are where the money is, Paddy Power, a popular betting site has Marcon 4/7 and Le Pen 11/4. These are almost identical odds for bets being taken back in September on Clinton vs. Trump.

France’s Election is on May 7th.


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