By: Cyril Pinfield | 03-21-2017 | News
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Insecure EU tries to block #BREXIT

As the days fall off the calendar and the March 29 rapidly approaches. The EU is scrambling to find a way to make the BREXIT divorce less painful.

Teresa May has announced that BREXIT will take place on March 29. That is the day that the United Kingdom begins the process of breaking away from

the European Union.

The President of the EU Donald Tusk is from Poland. He announced an emergency meeting on March 29th the same day that BREXIT takes place.

He wants to find the least painful way for the EU. It will be a difficult path for President Tusk, as his own country doesn’t even want him

to continue on as the leader of the EU. Germany’s Chancellor Merkel has forced the issue for him to have another term as the EU President.

She finds him more pliable to her will than the next President might be.

The UK will be looking for the best position for their own country. It is not in the UK’s best interest to stay in the EU as they pay into

it more than they receive from it in benefits. Now the United Kingdom will be able to control their own destiny. They won’t have the European Union

looking over their shoulder and making laws for them in their own county.

EU enforced immigration and refugee resettlement which was one of the key factors in the majority of the population

voting for BREXIT will be under the control of the UK again.

It’s not the personality of the citizens of the United Kingdom

to consider themselves under some other leadership other than their own.

The past year has seen the UK make fast and remarkable trade deals,

so that they will be able to stay competitive in the world market. They won’t lose from their decision to be out of the EU.

Since the EU has become so large and difficult to manage, the quality of life is expected to improve for the ordinary man in the UK.

That’s what is important and the real hope of the citizens of the UK.


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