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Law enforcement in McKee, Kentucky say that a 15-year-old female student has now been charged with making a terroristic threat to bring an explosive device to the Jackson County High School.

Both the Kentucky State Police and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office were contacted on Monday Morning by Jackson County High administrators about a female student who allegedly commented that she was bringing an explosive device to "blow up" the educational facility.

Kentucky State Police Post 7 spokesman Trooper Toney Allen said that the KSP along with Jackson County Sheriff's Office, and Jackson County High School staff cleared the halls and a complete search of the school premises was conducted by emergency responders.

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There was no explosive devices found in the premises of Jackson County High School, located at 560 St-1001 in McKee, according to reports, but there remains an active criminal investigation into the threats made by the student.

The student's name isn't being released due to her age, but investigators say that she was located and interrogated about the incident prior to her arrest.

She has since been charged with Terroristic Threatening 1st Degree and transported into custody at the Breathitt County Juvenile Detention Center in Jackson, Kentucky.

She will be arraigned formally later this month.


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Anonymous No. 18838 1519080963


>no demographics given

>terrorist explosive threat

Sandnigger confirmed. Can't wait to send them back with Jamal and Paco.

David Durkin No. 18840 1519085405

Personally I think it’s our lack of parental control of children!in the 50’s we got a a few good razor straps across our behinds! Also violet video games! And cell phone mania! 😡

Marilou No. 18843 1519091488

I was just saying today that no female's were never i volved in these terrorist acts. Guess I spoke to soon if this is true.

Jax No. 18847 1519092828

Sounds like that girl needs her ass whipped til she can’t sit down. Geez, wtf is wrong with the young teens today?

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