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More Evidence Journalist Danny Casolaro Was Murdered By 'The Octopus'

Every now and then, it just happens. A journalist, reporter or researcher is found dead under "mysterious circumstances." In the cases where the persons involved have spent their lives following the trail of powerful interests, the story tends to resonate within certain circles. Take the case of William Cooper, the radio host who predicted 9/11 months beforehand or Mark Lombardi, the artist who used interlocks to connect the Bushes to the Bin Laden's and painstakingly researched other equally interesting connections, who "committed suicide" a months before George W. Bush was elected. After Lombardi's death, national security became very interested in his artistic oeuvre, perhaps this is one reason his family finds the official story of his suicide a bit hard to swallow. It was equally hard for many to believe the official story regarding Danny Casolaro's "suicide" which many people attribute to his investigation into the murder of Alan Standorf, an NSA whistleblower.

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Casolaro, like Cooper and Lombardi, had tirelessly traced connections. Could it be possible that he had put a few too many connections together? Danny Casolaro was one of the first independent journalists to cover <a href="">the shadowy cabal of powers behind the throne known as "The Octopus."</a> MuckRock's Emma Best has been closely covering Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) releases related to Casolaro's death. Just last year, she shared how FBI FOIA files related to the death were " obviously incomplete, even before realizing that the release is about 1,000 pages smaller than the FBI first estimated." Even more interesting than being short of what was first to be released, is the fact that the FBI sources contradict the Department of Justice (DOJ) claims as far as Casolaro's motive for suicide. In addition to all of this, the file makes it clear that members of <a href="">the Bureau lied to members of Congress</a> regarding whether or not they investigated Casolaro's death.

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The dragnet of Casolaro's investigations related to corruption and murder implicated members of the US Army, DOJ, FBI, CIA, and others. Most recently, some handwritten police notes have been released that further call into question the DOJ's initial claims and conclusions. More concerning, these notes seem to suggest that a briefcase full of notes and papers may have been taken at the time of his death. Threats made to Casolaro before his apparent suicide had been reported in Judge John Bua's official report of the case as fabricated by Casolaro himself in order to advance a theory that he was actually murdered. The Bua Report has more issues though, information uncovered by Best through FOIA releases, visits to archives and through correspondence with persons involved in the initial Martindale Police investigation cast an even larger shadow on the "official story" that already existed. As more information leaks out it becomes more and more obvious that the "official story" contradicts what was known at the time about the case.

Best notes that even more troubling is the fact that the DOJ claimed there was no missing briefcase. The Bua Report is fervent about there being only one hotel employee who was "not sure" whether or not they saw the briefcase and that “no other hotel employee recalled seeing Mr. Casolaro with a briefcase.” Once again, this is contradicted by recently uncovered information. According to handwritten police notes, the second hotel employee noted the briefcase as well as the fact that Casolaro "seemed nervous and kept looking over his shoulder." The second employee was the last person to see Mr. Casolaro alive (if that is, he was not murdered).

The police were never able to recover the briefcase or the notes that the two hotel employees attested to having seen. As a result, it seems likely that someone must have seen Casolaro before his alleged suicide. This would provide a motive for Casolaro's potential murder as well as add flames to the rumors that there was a vast cover-up involving the death of the NSA's Alan Standorf and the journalist who tried to get to the bottom of it. Considering all the inconsistencies there are really only two possibilities, either the DOJ and others charged with investigating the case were in serious dereliction of duty… or the Octopus really did get Standorf and Casolaro.


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Not Saying No. 18829 2018-02-19 : 20:49

This had to do with the Cabazon Indian tribes land being used to convert software for spying applications (promous?) Nickols and associates. I learned of it through the acquisition of documents from an abandoned safe in palm Springs which used to belong to Lenard K. Firestone.

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