By: Savannah Smith | 02-19-2018 | News
Photo credit: Credit: Northwest Fitness Project Website

Seattle Gym Bans White Nationalist Greg Johnson

A Fremont gym banned a man after they learned that he is a leader of the alt-right community. Northwest Fitness Project owners’ said that Greg Johnson is no longer welcome in their facilities. Co-owner Kyle Davis said: “The trainer terminated his contract and we banned him from the gym.”

Some people are questioning the move, arguing that it might be violating a city ordinance that says “places of public accommodation” can’t discriminate based on a person’s beliefs.

The owners of the gym insist that said ordinance does not apply to their place because “it’s not a public space.” They stress that to use the gym, one must be the client of a trainer.

Davis said there’s no gym membership, and it’s the trainers who run the place and determine who could come and go. He added: “There’s a right of first refusal of the independent trainer. And the trainer chose not to work with him anymore due to the harm it would cause his reputation, and not wanting to be associated with those views.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center regards Greg Johnson as an “international figure for white nationalism” and “one of the leading voices of the far-right.”

After the move, the gym saw its negative reviews on Yelp and Facebook pages increased, something the owners alleged are the handiworks of white nationalists and their supporters. The owners are claiming that they are bouncing back in terms of receiving positive reviews again.

Davis also said that Johnson’s views on Jews also “disturbed” him as his fiancee is Jewish and he himself is planning to convert to Judaism so they can raise Jewish kids.

The move of Johnson being expelled from the gym as reprisal for his political views is nothing new. The GoldWater also reported last year how the Seattle Stranger has been hitting and demonizing blue delft artist Charles Krafft for being a conservative-leaning, traditional artist “outed” by the same publication as being a white nationalist.


Then there was also another earlier report from The Goldwater about how Krafft’s works, once prized in the gallery world for their technical expertise and thought-provoking “dark humor” has been pulled from the galleries, and his exhibitions cancelled, and in some cases, some of his works were appended with “warning labels.” The harassment, of course, came from the left who do not agree with Krafft’s political views. Krafft and Johnson were both scathed by local paper The Seattle Stranger just months ago.



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Anon No. 18850 2018-02-20 : 03:24

If you join a gym, and you have non-PC opinions, make sure you use a pseudonym.

Anonymous No. 18851 2018-02-20 : 03:52


Sad truth…

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