By: Earnest Jones | 03-21-2017 | News

More Riots In Troll Town: Sweden On Fire With Hate

Riots broke out on Sunday evening in Kronogården in Trollhattan. A group of 20 young people were shooting rockets at security guards, and onto a bus shelter in the district Kronogården in Trollhättan.Police authorities have been mobilizing resources from throughout the region. This included the Task Force to help them secure the area.One of the eyewitnesses reported that the rioters threw large stones at police cars. The police car was damaged and broken down.The tensions are increasing in the district of Kronogården in Trollhättan.The media has reported that the police authorities requested for back-up from the task force to go into the area where there is both stones were being thrown and rockets being fired at security guards and police.One of the eyewitnesses in Kronogården reported that the rioters attacked police and the guards inside the Kronogården area.The eyewitness also reported that there were two powerful explosions that followed the incident.The eyewitness said that the explosion was very loud, adding that he thought it was a bomb explosion. The explosions were heard twenty minutes apart.Police authority reported that the riots started shortly after seven o'clock on Sunday. Young people are said to have been firing rockets.The incident intensified when shooting started taking place at a bus shelter. There were also reports saying that the Västtrafiks coaches were fired. The coach then started burning the tires and some other debris.Around ten o'clock in the evening the police had managed to assembly so that they could enter the area.The events were termed by police as criminal damage. But the headline has since been changed to rioting.There are no persons that have been arrested or detained in connection with this. There is also no evidence that anyone has been injured.

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