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Photo credit: Video - Russian Election Campaign Video Enrages LGBT Groups

Video - Russian Election Campaign Video Enrages LGBT Groups

An ‘unofficial’ election campaign video has popped up on Youtube and several Russian social media sites since this weekend, urging Russians to go vote on March 18th or see their country turn into a gay-friendly nation where the men over 50 will have to re-enlist into the army.

You can be sure that the LGBT groups will be screaming bloody murder in a few days because of this, even though there is no mention whatsoever of this being paid by President Putin or any of his party.

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In any case, given the professional setup of the video, the cameras used, the music, the angling, the quality… someone thought pretty hard about how to set this up and how to maximize the effect.

The video starts on the eve of the presidential election, 17 March, and beings with a middle-aged man mocking his wife, who wants to set an alarm clock to get up and vote. “As if they won’t elect someone without you,” playing into the widespread belief that Putin will win by an 80% margin.

The remainder of the video clearly plays into the fear of many Russian men by highlighting certain characteristics they don’t like:

- When the main character opens the door he sees a general with a black guy behind him (Russians are extremely racist and they would never allow a black man in their military)

- The general dabs with his men because the new president allegedly replaced the traditional salute with a dab, which is quite offensive for Russians.

- The son asks his father for 4 million rubles. This is an extreme number and the video implies that people will elect a different president this time around Russian economy will suffer from hyperinflation and everything will become incredibly expensive.

- The video mocks gay people by implying that a new president would be very western and liberal and he will make gay sex mandatory.


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