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Like Boss, like staff: Clinton Aides Insult NYC Mayor As a Terrorist In Leaked Email

The Clinton campaign team has always tried to demolish Donald Trump as sexist and racist for issuing supposedly politically-incorrect statements, but the Wikileaks emails are revealing that Hillary Clinton and her team is actually a bunch of hypocrites. In private conversations through emails, they hurl insults even to their allies.

In one June 2015 email exchange between Clinton campaign manager Robby Nook and spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri, these Hillary top aides branded New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio a " terrorist" for hesitating to endorse Hillary and was then leaning towards

endorsing Bernie Sanders for the primary.

At that time, de Blasio refused to attend a Hillary rally because as he said in a tweet, he was waiting to hear her larger vision to addressing income inequality. In yet another tweet, he also said that he has always like what he has heard of Bernie Sanders.

In an email reaction to the tweets of de Blasio, Mook told Palmieri: " Wow. What a terrorist." Palmieri responded with: " Told you!".

The Clinton staff duo resorted to mocking de Blasio probably for his public " flirting" of the idea of endorsing Sanders, and felt that the mayor was holding them hostage for his endorsement of their boss.

This inspite of the fact that de Blasio has always been a Clinton ally, serving in fact as her campaign manager for her 2000 Senate run.

The NYC mayor eventually endorsed Hillary for the primary last year.

Interestingly, two days after that that email exchange between Mook and Palmieri, in an event sponsored by Politico, Mook called de Blasio " a good friend".

Apparently, these Hillary staff learned from her hypocrisy of having separate public and private stand and sentiments on issues, and apparently, on people, too- allies included.

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Major James Burdock No. 195 2016-10-14 : 08:47

Mr. Cherney,

Clowns can be Muslims, Muslims can be Clowns and we can all be terrified by backwards-thinking evil rage-spwan who are bred to kill the nicest person you know.

Trump is right to stop all immigration from ANY country in this Petri dish of disdain for humanity.

Build a country and go kill gays and Christians and women wanting education AFTER you have built a country.

I could care less if America doesn't want that. Donald Trump does not want that. To hell with political correctness, our airmen and ground crew used to paint messages on the bombs we were about to drop. It is my sincere hope that the first post-ISIS bomb Donald Trump ever needs to drop is personally signed by him. And let's hope he never has to sign one.

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