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Uber Eats Driver Shoots, Kills Atlanta Customer After Delivering His Order

A shooting incident happened in Buckhead that police said involved an Uber Eats driver that left a 30-year-old man dead after sustaining gunshot wounds.

Witnesses told Atlanta police that the victim ordered food via a smartphone app to be delivered to his unit at 2800 block of Pharr Court South about 11:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police identify the victim as Ryan Thorton who ordered the food from the app to be delivered to his condominium unit on Pharr Court South. At 11:30 p.m., Thorton walked away from the delivery car holding his order.

Authorities said that afterward words may have been exchanged between Thorton and the Uber Eats driver and shortly after shots were fired from the delivery car. The driver then took off in a white Volkswagen.

Thorton died at Grady Memorial Hospital. It is not clear what triggered the argument between the customer and the driver before the shooting. It is not established yet whether Thorton complained about the service in any way.

One of the witnesses who spoke to local media on condition of keeping anonymity said that he lives close to where the shooting incident occurred. He said he heard five gunshots go off outside his apartment. He said by the time he was dressed and checked things out, the victim was already dead.

The witness expressed his concern over the safety of such services as Uber Eats. He said: “Something needs to be done to further the safety of uber eats and make us feel safe.”

The shooting and death of Thorton are causing stress and anxiety among the residents. One Buckhead resident Julia Bird shared: “I just don’t expect it. I really feel safe here on a normal basis and it really makes me feel unsafe.”

Uber supposedly has a “no weapons” policy for its drivers.

The authorities are still looking for the driver, whose identity the police have yet to release. Many are becoming hesitant to use the delivery food app on their mobile phones with what happened.


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Anonymous No. 18792 2018-02-19 : 09:16

Some additional facts.

Location : The Concorde Condominiums 2800 Pharr Ct. South Atlanta aren't cheap going for $2500 p/month for 1200 sq/ft.

The Ryan Thorton (victim) Background Info:

Anonymous No. 18811 2018-02-19 : 15:30

Lotsa crazy shit happening lately where Uber drivers are somehow involved.

Anonymous No. 18854 2018-02-20 : 05:43

So Uber ate somebody? It’s crazy

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