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Bears Burned In California Wildfire Spotted In The Wild

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California Department of Fish and Wildlife spotted two bears in the wild that were badly burned by the Thomas wildfire. Veterinarians were able to devise an experimental technique to help hear the two female bears, one of which was pregnant.

The two bears were found in Ojai in December with serious burns to their paws and were turned over to California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials. Veterinarians used a homemade burn salve to help heal the bears' paws and wrapped them in tilapia skin.

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The tilapia fish is known for promoting and increasing the speed of healing. Wildlife authorities also treated a mountain lion cub with burned paws. Unfortunately, the mountain lion was too young when injured to be able to survive in the wild and will be turned over to a care facility for lifelong confinement.

Wildlife officials have now released the two bears back into the wild equipped with GPS trackers to monitor their progress. Cameras were also placed near their dens in the wild.

"We're really hopeful that these novel treatments accelerated the healing for these bears and provided them the best odds of survival," said Dr. Deanna Clifford, a senior wildlife veterinarian.

"It's especially good to know that we've maximized the odds of survival for the cub on the way."

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Anonymous No. 18763 2018-02-19 : 01:57

cringing seeing tilapia skin..

Krystal No. 18785 2018-02-19 : 07:19

I hate the sight of a hurting animal. Awesome work!

anonymous No. 18837 2018-02-19 : 22:50

yes great work.

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