By Kyle James  |  02-17-2018   News
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A gun owner in Tamarac, Florida surrendered his rifle to the Broward Sheriff's Office in the wake of the high school shooting Wednesday. 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz shot 17 of his former classmates and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School just two days prior.

The man's name is Ben Dickmann and he has a rather misguided view on firearms that caused him to turn his AR-57 semi-automatic rifle to Broward Sheriff’s Office. This guy seriously needs to realize that government doesn't show up until after people are killed, a firearm represents a means to defend yourself and your family from the exact type of people who would shoot up a high school.

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At least Dickmann recognizes his view is not held by the majority of gun owners. "This is just my opinion and probably not held by the majority of gun owners is, I don’t think that that rifle, that type of rifle, that military-style rifle has a place in public. That rifle was designed for military combat. I’m not participating in military combat. I have no need for that," he said.

How can someone who is so close to such a violent tragedy not see the need for protection? What if a scumbag like Cruz was pointing his AR at Dickmann's family? How would he feel about 'not needing it then'? This idea that you don't need guns because the government will protect you, and the police will protect you, is false.

Things happen too quickly for police to arrive. Even when they do arrive, they don't go in right away. Look at previous school shootings where police staged outside for hours upon hours before breaching columbine high school. You're on your own in a situation like that and the only way you're going to have a chance at survival or protecting the lives of your family is with a firearm.

Where Dickmann's social justice warrior agenda comes out is when he goes as far as to say that nobody else has a need for a rifle either. "I have no need for this, nor does anybody else and that’s why didn’t try to sell it,” he said. “I could’ve sold it very easily, but I decided not to. I don’t need it and nobody else does either," Dickmann said.

Dickmann's SJW status was confirmed when he said, "I am member of probably the second-most vilified demographic in the country currently (If you didn’t know, I’m a conservative-leaning, gun-owning, middle-aged, financially stable white male). Maybe more like me will stand up, because I’m sorry, until my demographic gets behind this, nothing will change."

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anonymous No. 18601 1518851310

what a free kin idiot.

anon 007 No. 18683 1518920738

george soros bought this douche bag a gun so he could turn it in, total democrap propaganda

Anonymous No. 18705 1518942297

Great way to advertise an open house showing!

Anonymous No. 18724 1518958358

Ben Dickmann is a Gun owning Liberal playing a role.

He has already appeared or been on a 1/2 dz Liberal Media talking head shows (eg. NPR) and seems to love the limelight.

Durrell Woods No. 18736 1518965662

Hope he never needs to protect his family.

Anonymous No. 18769 1519012646

Fucking cuckold pussy probably let a bunch of monkeys run a train on his wife n daughters too. What a fucking disgraced piece of shit!!!

Anonymous No. 18770 1519012682

Ya he's a dickmann alright!!!

Anonymous No. 18798 1519035104

Everyones response to this should be "That's nice."

Alan Finkeldynke No. 18816 1519056247

That’s nice

Anonymous No. 18824 1519066568

That's nice

Anonymous No. 18828 1519071089

I bet he puts his money where his mouth is when he needs to suck off Jamal and Trayqvon clean after they're done having their way with his wife and daughters.

Anonymous No. 18834 1519078004

Tack … the ability to tell a person to go to hell in polite meaningful civilized manner . I see some lack tack.

Anonymous No. 18846 1519092578

That's nice

Dobie_paw No. 18906 1519161859

Thats dumb!! He could have surrenderd the AR to me….

Dobie_paw No. 18907 1519162130

….after all the AR is nothing but a short (SEMI AUTO GLAMED HUNTING RIFLE)….


Anonymous No. 18923 1519187699

Did the ammo get too expensive for him? I don't know why he wouldn't just sell it to another person instead of "turning it in." Why buy a fiveseven caliber in the first place if you didn't love guns? It isn't a starter caliber. This smells really weird.

Anonymous No. 19231 1519474788

Whatta dildo

Anonymous No. 19256 1519500299

That's nice

Anonymous No. 19519 1519785095

That's nice.

Anonymous No. 19654 1519933249

Almost every gun is based off a design made for the military. Most bolt action hunting rifles use a Mauser Action which was made for the military.

Anonymous No. 19704 1519973209


Anonymous No. 19753 1520050551

That's nice

Ratttrat No. 19801 1520130748

These are the kind of people I want far far away from me and mine

Anonymous No. 19869 1520214734

His name is Dickmann. Explains it all.

Anonymous No. 19924 1520283202

That's nice.

td w No. 20157 1520540628

most of my bullets travel faster than sound. The police on an excellent day will arrive within two hours, not enough staff and too many calls. If my family needs protecting I will call 9111, but I will be protecting my family from the immediate danger.

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