By: Earnest Jones | 03-19-2017 | News
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UFO Spotted While Mt. Etna Erupts in Italy

There are claims that whenever there’s a volcano, UFO activity is likely to be taking place nearby. That was the case on Mount Etna on the Island of Sicily.Many UFO sightings have been reported there. A green cone-shaped UFO was spotted last week on thermal images.The UFO was entering an active vent of Mount Etna. Mount Etna is the tallest and the most active volcano in Europe. This has raised fears on whether residents should pack their belongings and move away from the area.The mountain has records and evidence of its eruptions. The records date back 500,000 years. The latest period began back in 2001.On the 30th of October, an unnamed volcano watcher spotted a series of pictures on the Italian National Geology and Vulcanology website. The images showed thermal images of a green cone-shaped UFO that was descending into one of the volcano’s vents.The strange images were spotted around 6:42 am to 6:54 am local time. The UFO had left by 7 am.The UFO sightings over Mount Etna provoke many questions as to what and why the UFO would enter the volcano’s vent.On the October 30th, the sighting was significant because it showed the UFO entering the active volcano. Some people suggest it was trying to stop the eruption. Some of the eruptions at Mount Etna had positive effects for the local community. Back in 396 BC, one of the eruptions at Etna stopped the Carthaginians from attacking Syracuse during the Second Sicilian War.Back in 122 BC, an eruption caused heavy damage to Catania. The Roman government exempted the city from paying taxes for ten years.It is not yet clear as to why the UFO entered Mount Etna. Maybe someone is planning to invade Sicily. SOURCE:

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