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Latest Male Body Trend: ‘Moob Jobs'

You might be asking yourself after seeing the above image, and reading the headline, just what the hell is a "Moob Job", or, you could be potentially grossed out.

If you take a closer look at the beefy American male, you'll notice more often than not they have what's referred to as "man boobs," which is essentially extra, saggy fatty tissue around their breast areas. the hot new trend amongst men in America who have extra body weight and "man boobs," and you'll understand what a <i>"Moob Job"</i> actually is.

Currently, we live in a society that's obsessed with a plastic, "artificial" appearance. People are ashamed of their bodies, instead of loving themselves, and feeling as if they need to change to "fit in".

Now even men are acting in such fashion. Go to a pharmacy or a makeup aisle and there are endless men's products and makeup just as if they are women. It's become an obsession of sorts.

Having large breasts as a man is known as "gynecomastia," and while there's debate as to the causes being everything from hereditary to the countless stimulants and antibiotics in the foods we eat in 2018, it's quite common, <a href="">according to The New York Post</a>.

Usually, it's the result of a hormonal imbalance, that's either the result of too much estrogen in the body or more so a major decrease in testosterone.

With this new procedure, the <i>"Moob Job"</i>, you can visit your local plastic surgeon, who will perform a liposuction-like procedure, where they can put you under a local anesthesia and make a small incision then remove the excess tissue by literally sucking it from the body.

It sounds gross, but it's now a reality.

Men who have lowered testosterone are often lacking confidence, and such procedures are becoming increasingly popular amongst that crowd.

Guys: rather than seeking an artificial surgery, or makeup for men, go to the gym. Walk. Get exercise. Take testosterone.

These types of procedures are creating a culture of obsession, and once one generation has it occur enough to be considered "normal," what's that teaching the next generation?

In rare cases, for medical purposes, I could see such a procedure being used. However, to the average person who sees this? It's in a way, tragic.

It's tragic that society has come to this point. Take yoga. Exercise. Work out. Get fit. Everything now is so artificial, and everyone wants an easy answer.

Sometimes, the harder you work for something, the more rewarding it deems when you get there.

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