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If Clinton Wins, Islamic State May Take Over U.S

In the Wednesday rally in Florida, the Republican nominee Donald Trump did not hesitate from attacking his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. Trump proclaimed Clinton as being unethical and corrupt in how she discharged her duties while in office as Secretary of State, Trump also added that Hillary was a very dishonest politician. The Republican nominee is renowned for calling as he sees it; during this rally, he took it as an opportunity to do what he does best; he also condemned the media for the level of dishonesty it has portrayed over the campaign period. The Republican congress also came up under attack by Donald Trump as he pointed out that congress was ineffective in its operations. Trump added that the whole of United States was very vulnerable like no other time in history; he emphasized that if Clinton wins the November 8th elections, the country will be most vulnerable to Islamic State.

In a statement made by Trump, he said that the Islamic State was praying so hard hoping that Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States. Moreover, Trump also said that the Islamic State had intentions of taking over the United States.

Trump also expressed his disappointment on what has been going on in the country as the economy and other important public affairs are handled casually by the Obama’s Administration.

Based on factual evidence that had been lately released by the WikiLeaks, Trump accused Hillary Clinton and the government of double dealing, special favors, and cashing from the government services; all while the department of justice took no action. In fact, the department of justice protected Hillary Clinton as she was under investigation on the use of public emails during her tenure as Secretary Of State. Trump expressed this statements to emphasis that Clinton is dishonest, ineffective, and has poor judgement; implying that she is unfit for service as President.

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