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Child Brides: Why Does The World Turn a Blind Eye?

Child brides are very real. Child marriage is a violation of human rights. The problem exists even in the modern society. The practice remains widespread despite the laws against it. Gender inequality and poverty are some of the major causes for this practice.

One in every three girls is married before reaching age 18 in developing countries. One in nine is married under the age of 15.

Child brides are often faced by health complications. Their future prospects are also limited. The child brides often become pregnant while in adolescence. This increases the risk of complications that often-cause death.

The UNFPA conducts programs and legislation that is designed to end child marriage. The organization supports investments that empower girls with the information, skills and services that are needed to be healthy.

Child brides are often forced into marriage. The main contributing factors to child marriage is poverty and gender. Child brides are forced into child marriages by parents who faced by poverty. The parents believe that marriage will secure their daughters future by ensuring that another family takes care of her. It’s unfortunate that some parents see their daughter as burdens. Therefore, in difficult circumstances, some parents may marry off their daughters as a source of income.

Child brides are often faced with issues that give them limited options, hence, they often end up being married. The biggest challenge that faces child brides is that they get pregnant before they are physically and mentally ready. The child brides are also exposed to sexually transmitted infections such as HIV. They are forced to drop out of school so that they can assume household responsibilities. The child marriages are often carried out in secrecy. This is because they are illegal. In Rjastan for example, the marriage rites are conducted at night.

Some parents often force their children into child marriages if they feel that they are unable to control their children. It’s worth noting that child marriage does not only occur in developing countries. It is a problem that is seen even in America.

Communities from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian have cases of child marriages. The problem is not limited to any socioeconomic level. It affects multigenerational American families and also immigrant families.


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