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US Olympic Couple Celebrates Valentine On The Ice

Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim have more chemistry than most, and it doesn't just show when they're hanging out together.

The married couple are American figure skaters and they compete together on the ice in the Olympics. When they first began competing together in 2012 they hit it off. Four years later they were married and now they are back at the Olympics.

Chris said in a January interview, "It is going to be a special Valentine's Day, One we might never have again." The Knierims represent the sole U.S. pair at the games this year and they've already helped the US win a bronze medal.

The pair is set to take to the ice again on Wednesday, February 14, the most fitting day of the year for a romantic time the ice, Valentine's Day. The pair even kept their marriage a secret from the public eye so it would not distract from the pair's narrative.

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"It's our sole purpose to create a love story when we're on the ice," Alexa said. "Chris and I are just fortunate that we're not acting when we're out there. It's true love for us."

"When I first officially teamed up with Chris, I gave Dalilah Sappenfield, our coach, a list of things that I'd like to accomplish," she explained.

"I had about eight of them. And one of them that I did put in parenthesis was to marry Chris … I only have two left on that list, and one of them is getting an Olympic spot."

Although the couple appeared to have a dream-like life, their Olympic dream was still not going to be easy. Alexa was diagnosed in 2016 with a rare gastrointestinal illness that could potentially be fatal.

Her weight dropped to 80 pounds and she had to undergo three surgeries. "I can lift her, throw her, catch her. But there was nothing that I could do to help her, even though that's all I wanted to do," her husband Chris said.

Alexa managed to regain her health but it took eight months out of her crucial training. "We will have a Valentine's Day that no other married couple on the ice will have," Alexa said.

"It will be a most unique bond because there is no other pair competing at the games that is married, so it will be one in a million."

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