By: Earnest Jones | 03-17-2017 | News
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Deep State Exposed Obama's Still a Nuisance

Barrack Hussein Obama left office on the 20th of January. He has been very busy working behind the scenes. Obama’s team just left the White House but they are still working. They just changed their operations base from the White House to the D.C. suburbs.

Obama and his team have been working hard to continue the Marxist agenda. Obama is using his allies in the Intelligence Community to discredit Trump and ruin the will of the American people.

The shadow government is not a conspiracy theory. Research team at Liberty Alliance has collected information that Obama is heading a shadow government. The shadow government is planning a silent coup against Trump.

Obama wrote an email to his supporters on his last day in office. He encouraged them to stay engaged. He also promised to be right there with them every step of the way.

It’s obvious that Obama, who started as a community organizer and made it to White House will not give up his power quickly.

Obama will not stand by and watch Trump destroy his leftwing legacy. Only the uninformed naïve people would think that is the case.

Unfortunately, Obama’s Deep State is in full operation. Obama has a team known as Organizing for action. The political group grew out of Obama’s first campaign. The group recently hired 14 field organizers in key states.

The group has more than 250 offices nationwide and more than 32,000 volunteers. They gathered over $40 million in contributions.

Obama has changed his new D.C. mansion into Anti-Trump command center. His goal is to oust Trump by forcing his resignation or impeachment.

Obama’s first overt action was the resignation of Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

Valerie Jarett is a close confidante of Obama. She has moved to the new D.C. home to help in creating an insurgency against Trump.

Obama has people who are loyal to him working in Trump’s government. This people despise and distrust Trump’s conservative policy. Obama’s supporters keep leaking information about Trump’s team.

Rush Limbaugh said on March 3rd that we are watching a silent coup that was put in place by Obama and the Democrats during the transition and before and after the election. Obama has been sabotaging the United States. The leftwing media has pledged allegiance to Obama. The alternative media won’t stop. It is constantly delivering the truth to the American people. That’s why they have tried to discredit us by saying we report fake news.


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