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Merkel Meets Trump NATO To Survive

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Trump held their first face to face meeting on Friday. President Donald Trump emphasized his strong support for NATO. He also urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel to meet NATO’s military spending target.

The meeting between the U.S President and the leader of Europe’s largest economy will help determine the future of the transatlantic alliance and also shape the working relationship of the alliance.

President Donald Trump was speaking at a joint news conference with Merkel when he said that he emphasized his strong support for NATO. Trump also emphasized on the need for NATO allies to pay their fair share for the cost incurred on defense.

The German Chancellor also said that she told Trump that Germany needs to meet NATO spending goals. The two leaders also discussed Afghanistan and Ukraine.

President Trump said that he expects the United States to do well in its trade with Germany. Merkel on the other hand said that she hoped the United States and the European Union could resume their discussions on trade agreement.

President Trump said that he did not believe in isolationism, adding that trade policy should be fair.

Merkel said that their conversation was trying to address the areas that they both disagree. However, she said that they both tried to bring people together. She said that they both tried to find a compromise that is good for both nations.

President Trump also emphasized that he has no regrets for any of his tweets. He dismissed off the questions on Democrat Barack Obama wiretapping him during last year’s presidential campaign.

Mr. Trump said that at least him and Merkel have one thing in common. He was referring to Obama bugging Merkel’s phone.

Trump greeted Merkel at the White House with a handshake before they began talks in the Oval Office. The two leaders then described their meeting in brief, adding that it was very good.

The meeting between the two leaders was very significant.

During the presidential campaign, President Trump criticized Merkel for allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees into Germany.

Merkel also hinted about the differences between her and Mr. Trump. She said that they both exchanged their views on such differences.

It’s obvious that the two nations ought to build a relationship. Merkel had a close relationship with Obama and George W. Bush. She likely to seek a close relationship with Trump.

Juergen Hardt is a conservative lawmaker. He helps coordinate transatlantic relations for German government. He said that people who know the Chancellor know that she skilled in winning over people in personal discussions. He also said that he’s sure that Donald Trump will not be immune.


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