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Video: Nurse Facing Charges After Video Discovered of Dying Veteran Begging For Help

Charges are possible according to the DeKalb County District Attorney after a new video was uncovered during an investigation that shows a veteran begging for help as he is dying in a nursing home bed.

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The hidden camera video shows nurses at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation laughing while a veteran dies next to them after he continuously pleaded for help. The video flies in the face of the nurse's testimony under oath who said she performed CPR immediately upon entering the room and continued doing so until paramedics arrived.

Clearly, the video does not align with nurse Wanda Nuckles testimony. In the video, Nuckles can be seen standing around joking with other nurses while 89-year-old World War II veteran James Dempsey is dying. In a subsequent interview, Nuckles is shown the video and blames her lie on her poor memory.

The video was recorded in 2014 and nurses were unaware they were on camera. After 11Alive discovered the video, they turned it over to detectives at Brookhaven Police Department who say they have re-opened the investigation. "It was very instrumental…because there was information in the news report that you guys aired that our detectives had not seen yet," Major Brandon Gurley said.

The video confirms wrongdoing on the part of the nurses who did not start CPR immediately. The video also shows Nuckles starting and stopping CPR several times and only continued just before paramedics arrived. Dempsey died while begging for help inside the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center, clearly, these nurses have no sense of compassion for the men who laid down their lives so that the very same nurses could live in peace today.

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In the video, Dempsey calls for help several times and pressed his call button half a dozen times. Nursing home staff didn't call 911 until an hour later. At one point in the video, Nuckles is seen laughing while they try to fix Dempsey's oxygen machine, he had already stopped breathing at this point.

An attorney who has represented nurses accused of crimes in the past says the staff could be facing murder charges in light of the new video. "Facts are we have a person who died. Facts are, he pushed those buttons. There’s collaborative evidence beyond the video that show he’s pushing the button for help, no one comes," criminal defense attorney Meg Strickler said.

The District Attorney is currently deciding whether they will move forward with indictments and arrest the nurses involved.

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Anonymous No. 18302 2018-02-13 : 08:44

Laughing while a man dies? Oh Lord, that's scary. Be careful where you let your loved ones stay when they're unable to take care of themselves. And remember, as the world grows colder and more callous it won't get any better.

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