By: Kyle James | 02-13-2018 | News
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Elderly Driver Leads Police On Slow-Speed Chase

A reckless driver call turned into a slow-speed police chase Sunday night when the driver of an SUV refused to stop. The chase continued through five North Texas cities before finally coming to an end. Officers responding to a call of a reckless driver on the wrong side of the road initially suspected the driver of the SUV was impaired. The chase finally came to an end after the driver stopped and continued several times.

The driver who called in the emergency described almost colliding with the wrong-way driver and told police he followed the man. Once officers caught up they were able to stop him on West Beltline Road in Richardson. Rowlett Police Lt. David Nabors said he initially suspected it was a drunk driver. Moments, after the call came in the vehicle, was spotted and pulled in behind it. When officers turned on their lights and tried to pull over the vehicle he turned into oncoming traffic again.

The ensuing chase never went over 40 miles an hour and went through Garland, Mesquite, Dallas, and Richardson. "Everybody's amped up during these chases, especially when a vehicle stops and takes off multiple times," Nabors said. After an hour-long chase, the driver exited on Beltline Road from 75 Central in Richardson and police spiked his tires. Police then learned the vehicle blonds to an elderly couple that had been reported missing five hours earlier.

The vehicle had four flat tires but the 77-year-old driver continued on for a couple hundred feet before finally stopping on Beltline Road near Central Expressway. It turns out the elderly driver and his 78-year-old wife were confused, didn't speak English and didn't have a cell phone. They weren't rammed, they weren't stopped with deadly force, and they weren't even charged.

Nabors issued a statement excusing the driver from any responsibility for nearly killing other drivers, "As our population ages, the children or relatives need to have a conversation with their elderly individuals and come up with a game plan to reevaluate if you're capable of driving or possibly put GPS devices on their vehicles."

If this was a young white driver with a criminal history he would have been killed just like the <a href="">Michael Dial in Tennessee.</a> Family members of the elderly couple told police this isn't the first time they were driving around "confused" before.

No charges were filed against these immigrants who endangered the public in the same way Dial was but he didn't get the chance to stop and surrender. Because no charges were filed against the driver that could suspend his license so he is still driving around with a valid license. Police did say they alerted DPS to see if the man is fit to be driving.

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Anonymous No. 18283 2018-02-13 : 05:46

what a difference in how this was handled compared to that other video from TN

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