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Merkel To Face The Whitehouse

During last year’s presidential campaign, Donald Trump criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for damaging Germany.

Trump said that Merkel’s decision to allow more than a million refugees into Germany was insane.

Merkel and President Trump are expected to meet on Friday at the White House.

The two might form a relationship that will see Germany become one of U.S. closest ally.

Merkel is known for dealing with difficult leaders. She had a good relationship with George W. Bush and Obama.

President Trump and Merkel are totally different. They disagree on values and policy.

This includes immigration, trade, defense spending and the role of the European Union. Germany has been accused of depressing the euro to gain advantage in trade.

The two leaders are expected to meet, have lunch and host a joint news conference. Merkel will be accompanied by the CEOs of BMW and Siemens.

Merkel and Trump are not expected to announce any agreements. They were to meet on Tuesday but there was a snowstorm.

The two have spoken on phone but they’ve never met. The Vice President, Mike Pence recently met with Merkel in Germany.

The two leaders are likely to talk about NATO, United Nations, ISIS, Afghanistan, North Korea, defense and climate change.

Trump will seek Merkel’s advice in dealing with Putin. Hopefully, she will educate Trump since she speaks Russian.

A senior administration official said that the president will be very interested in hearing the chancellor’s views on her experience with Putin.

President Trump has taken a different approach in the way he handles Putin. He said he would consider lifting the sanctions imposed on Russia.

President Trump’s comments on Russia have upset most of the European leaders. Merkel is expected to stress the importance of the European Union to President Trump.

Trump on the other hand will press Merkel for Germany’s commitment to abide by a NATO guideline to spend 2 percent of their gross domestic product on Military budget.

Merkel criticized Trump’s travel ban on citizens from the seven majority-Muslim nations. She also defended the media after Trump criticized the media of spreading fake news.


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