By: Savannah Smith | 03-17-2017 | News
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Mexican Immigrants Looking To Enter Canada As Substitute For The U.S.

President Donald Trump is serious about his policy on undocumented immigrants especially those with criminal records.

Half of the undocumented immigrants are Mexicans.

The illegals can no longer enter the U.S. easily as they used to during the Obama administration. Now, many of these Mexican illegals deported by the U.S. or those being turned away at the border are looking to go to another country, and that is Canada.

The Mexican immigrants are taking advantage of Canada's relaxed travel rules for visitors from Mexico implemented in December last year. No more visas are required.

Data from the Canadian government show that Mexicans trying to travel to Canada has increased three times in the last three months. It is not clear though about the percentage of real tourists and illegal immigrants from the data.

What is clear though is the trend that immigration lawyers in Canada are receiving more and more calls and emails from Mexicans who just arrived in Canada seeking work permits. Requests for legal advice from Mexicans who had entered Canada since December has increased three times compared with the same period in 2015-2016.

Flight bookings from Mexico to Canada has increased by 90% in January and February this year compared with the same months last year. It is not yet clear how many of those bookings were made by people planning to work illegally in Canada.

Canada has issued more than 61,500 electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to Mexicans between December and late February.

Consulates in Canada received more requests for assistance and protection in the first three months this year, more than they did from the same period last year.

There are an estimated 90,000 Mexicans who live in Canada.

Canada is closely monitoring migration trends by Mexican travelers to their country, including asylum seekers.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a big statement about how welcoming his country would be to refugees and immigrants following Trump's travel ban executive order in January. Those deported from the U.S. want to try Canada now.

But they may be in for disappointment despite the Canadian leader's sweet words. In reality, tough border checks, hard to find jobs and fine-tuned enforcement policies will make it difficult to enter Canada, and even harder to stay.

Many Mexicans believe the eTA is all they need to start life in Canada, but they are more likely wrong, according to immigration lawyers. The eTA is not even a guarantee for entry.

It would also be very hard for low skilled Mexicans entering Canada only on tourist visas to get work permits if they don't have a sponsorship from an employer.

Proving to be the same as Trump's decision, after all, Canada says those Mexicans convicted of crimes and those who are gang members who were deported from the U.S. can also not enter Canada.

Canadian immigration officials are also taking tough security measures against Mexican visitors by asking hard questions and having phones checked. Some 313 Mexicans with eTAs were still denied entry.

It just proves that no claims about political correctness like what Canada is declaring would prevent them from vetting immigrants who wish to enter their country. In the end, proving that Trump is right all along with tough immigration policy.


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