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Italy Immigrant Shooting - Police Arrest Two More Immigrants For Dismemberment of Teenage Girl

Two Nigerian immigrants were arrested Saturday in connection with the brutal murder of Pamela Mastropietro, an 18-year-old Italian girl whose dismembered remains were discovered inside two suitcases earlier this month.

Italian police arrested a 29-year-old Nigerian drug dealer named Innocent Oseghale shortly after the attack took place. After the arrest, police found evidence consistent with the murder including blood-stained clothes, large kitchen knives, a cleaver, and other items.

Saturday saw the arrest of two more Nigerian asylum-seekers, 22-year-old Lucky Desmond and 27-year-old Awelima Lucky. Desmond was living in Montecassiano and Lucky was living in Macerata. At least one of the two men were reportedly fleeing to the northern Italian region of Lombardy when they were arrested.

Two days after the brutal murder of Mastropietro, <a href="">six African immigrants were shot</a> in a drive-by attack. 28-year-old Luca Traini was arrested for the shooting and all six victims survived.

The brutal murder and following attack on immigrants took place in the middle of <a href="">election campaigns which were suspended</a> amidst calls for calm by the Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Silvio Berlusconi, a three-time former Prime Minister barred from holding political office again after a tax fraud conviction, called for the <a href="">deportation of at least 600,000 migrants.</a> So far, the Macerata prosecutor has charged the three men with murder, the sale of narcotics, and the desecration and concealment of a corpse.

During the autopsy of Mastropietro's mutilated body, investigators found that certain body parts were missing including the victim's neck and certain genital organs. The prosecutor's office declared Saturday the investigation was officially closed following the successful arrest of the three men believed to be responsible.

Italy has been flooded with around 620,000 immigrants since 2013, many of which are still in the country. Italy shares borders with France, Switzerland, and Austria, all of whom have virtually shut down their borders to prevent immigrants from pouring through Italy into their own countries.

Immigration will likely be the deciding topic in Italy's March 4 national elections. The mass immigration has gone unchecked for years and the flood of refugees has strained the nation to its limits.

<a href="">A study in 2016</a> even found a direct correlation between the number of immigrants entering Italy and the rise in the crime rate. For each 1 percent in the number of immigrants, a 0.4 percent increase in crime accompanies them.

The company behind the study is Confcommercio group and they showed that the crime rate among legal immigrants is nearly double that of Italian citizens, while the crime rate of illegal immigrants becomes ten times that of citizens.

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