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Just one day after losing two of their own officers, a police department in Ohio began receiving "screaming threats" from callers.

Westerville Police Chief Joe Morbitzer said Sunday the department has received numerous threats after <a href="">Officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering were killed</a> Saturday while responding to a 911 call.

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As more people found out about the shooting, more calls came into the Westerville Police Department. "We have people calling our radio room screaming threats, obscenities, and vulgarities at our radio techs," Morbitzer said.

"And quite frankly, there is a special place in Hell for those people, and my wish is it comes very soon." Morbitzer also said there have been several fake online fundraisers in the two fallen officers' name.

"We should be honoring these two officers, not illicitly trying to profit off their deaths. We have seen fake GoFundMe pages established already," Morbitzer said.

The Westerville police department has made national headlines over the tragic loss, even President Trump took a moment to thank the fallen officers on Twitter.

President Trump's tweet said, "My thoughts and prayers are with the two police officers, their families, and everybody at the @WestervillePD."

The City of Westerville is holding an official fundraiser being organized through the Fraternal Order of Police on GoFundMe. <a href="">That fundraiser has brought in $212,593</a> already of a $250,000 goal.

Morbitzer also said that funeral plans have not yet been finalized for the two fallen officers. In the meantime, officers from surrounding jurisdictions are patrolling the city to allow Westerville officers a chance to grieve.

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Saddened in Columbus No. 18195 1518402659

So sorry for loss in Westerville. Prayers for the families of the fallen officers.

We've allowed the destruction of American society to the point where a life has little to no value. Mothers, raise your sons to have morals and values. Stop this!

Anonymous No. 18206 1518409487

Yeah, if you call a police station, you should know that your ID is subject to verification. The department should use volunteer hours to contact all of these folks in the coming weeks and ask them what their real problem is.

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