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Teenage Girl Posted Craigslist Ad Asking To Be Murdered

A teenage girl posted an unusual ad on Craigslist in the "woman seeking men" category saying "I want to put a hit on myself".

Someone answered the ad.

Police say a Colorado man has been arrested after answering the ad posted by 19-year-old Natalie Bollinger asking to be murdered.

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Joseph Michael Lopez, 22, was arrested Friday after having a conversation with Bollinger in over 100 texts where he agreed to kill her but only for a price.

When the pair met on December 28, Lopez tried to talk Bollinger out of paying him to kill her but she insisted. Bollinger had even brought her own gun telling him she wanted to be "executed from behind".

Lopez says she told him she was having issues with her boyfriend and he had reported her missing. That is when he says they both knelt and prayed.

Then Lopez got up and shot her. He fled with her gun and her purse.

Bollinger died of the gunshot and an autopsy revealed high levels of heroin in her system. Her family told police she had a history of suicidal thoughts but felt she had been happy recently.

According to legal experts, even if Lopez's story is true, he will still be charged with murder. They also said if it is proven that she asked him to kill her, he may receive a lesser sentence.

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