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Operation Sinai 2018, A Strong Message The World

Operation Sinai 2018 targets terrorists with brute force throughout Sinai and Egypt. Egypt sends a message to all countries of the world that it will not allow terrorism to become a threat to its territory and that it has every ability to uproot it from its land. Egypt, which has long repressed its enemies throughout history. Here are the brave soldiers, sons of Egypt. They fight terrorism on land, sea, and air. They took the oath to protect every inch of their motherland even if their lives are the cost. President Sisi promised that he will eliminate terrorism and achieve peace in Egypt and that the promise is now fulfilled

The Egyptian army said it had "continued yesterday to carry out a large-scale military operation involving the air force, navy, border guards and police against terrorists." The official website of the Egyptian Ministry of Defense published a video, a message to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in which he said: "You are fighting a battle that is the noblest and most honorable battle ever." The video reviewed the president's mandate to the military and police forces to carry out a military and security operation to counter terrorism.

The comprehensive operation "Sinai 2018" began on Friday morning, weeks before the expiration of the three-month deadline set by Sisi last November to secure the province of North Sinai, and the deadline expires this month.

Colonel Tamer Rifai, the spokesman of the armed forces, confirmed that the air force continued to carry out a number of targeted air strikes against terrorist groups and sites that had previously been detected in North and Central Sinai, and targeted stockpiles of weapons, ammunition, explosive materials and logistical support areas.

In a statement issued yesterday, the forces carried out a number of raids on different axes inside cities in the north and central Sinai to hunt down and eliminate fugitives and complete the destruction of terrorist targets.

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The military spokesman explained that members of the Special Forces naval forces are carrying out insurance works for the coastline from Rafah to the west of El Arish to cut off supply routes for terrorist elements, while continuing to protect the economic targets in the sea in conjunction with sweeping operations along the coast to tighten the siege on terrorist elements and prevent them from escaping across the coast , And the passage of maritime patrols to secure the Sahel area stretching from Marsa Matrouh to the city of Salloum, and cooperation with the border guards to secure the border areas on the western and southern direction … In addition to the police forces security sweeps in all residential areas in North Wos Sinai, and the deployment of ambushes along the roads leading to bridges and ferries east of the canal, in cooperation with elements of the armed forces.

The Border Guard elements, in cooperation with the elements of securing the waterway, carry out their duties in order to preserve the safety of navigation in the Suez Canal and prevent terrorist elements from escaping or infiltrating inside the country. And follow-up and the pursuit of terrorist elements in the oases and desert Dahir of the southern provinces.

In the same vein, the official spokesman of the armed forces, yesterday, posted on his Facebook page a video: "Our forces do it with our hands … the task of protecting a homeland." The Egyptian Ministry of Defense, on its YouTube page, also published videos of "the air force … championships of generations", "men of umbrellas … battle hawks", "Egyptian armed forces … shield and sword", " Air Defense Forces … Sky Guards »,« Navy … Sea Giants ». "The Egyptian thunderbolt … men who do not fear death."

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Egypt's army and police forces have been battling for years against hardline elements in northern Sinai, led by the Ansar al-Bayt al-Maqdis ("Supporters of Jerusalem") organization, which sponsored a terrorist organization in 2014 and changed its name to the Sinai state.

In the meantime, the Supreme State Security Prosecution in Egypt yesterday ordered the arrest of 14 members of the Hamas movement, considered by Egypt as the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood group, for 15 days on charges of committing terrorist crimes.

The prosecution assigned the defendants in the investigations initiated by a team of State Security Prosecution investigators to join a group established contrary to the provisions of the law. The purpose of the prosecution is to call for the disobeying of the constitution and laws, the prohibition of state institutions and public authorities, harming national unity and social peace, embracing the ideas of atoning the ruler and legitimizing his departure, changing the regime by force, and attacking the members of the armed forces and the police and their installations in order to disrupt the public order and endanger the safety and security of society. (B) the means used by this group to carry out its purposes; The prosecution also charged the accused with murder, intentional murder for terrorist purposes, possession of explosive devices, automatic firearms and ammunition, and use in terrorist acts.

The Interior Ministry announced yesterday that three Hamas terrorists had been killed and 14 others were planning to carry out a series of simultaneous attacks on vital installations, facilities, armed forces and police during the period following the start of presidential elections. The situation in the country.

Investigations revealed that extremist elements were selected from several governorates, especially Fayoum, near Cairo, to benefit from their geographical nature to set up camps for terrorists and to select elements from the lake in the Egyptian Delta to exploit some of their farms to store weapons and explosive materials. President Mohamed Morsi in Sharqia (Delta Egypt), and elements of the province of Qaliubiya near to Cairo, and other elements of the provinces of «Dakahlia and Menoufia».

The investigations also indicated that material support was provided by elements of "Ahwaniya" abroad to the elements of the "resolution" of the terrorist to carry out the schemes assigned to them, and the purchase of weapons and explosive materials from which bombs, bombs, and explosive belts are made, to be used in acts of sabotage on a large scale during the coming period.

For its part, the second chamber of the Tanta Criminal Court (Delta Egypt) decided yesterday to renew the detention of 18 members of the Brotherhood for 45 days in the investigation, accusing them of joining a banned group established contrary to the provisions of the law, and disturb the public peace.

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