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Hillary Clinton, The New Face Of Corruption

Sustaining the momentum gained from a successful second presidential debate, Donald Trump pulls in more punches against Hillary Clinton as we approach the homestretch of the campaign through a new TV ad that comes out today succinctly but effectively showing how Hillary Clinton has become the most prevailing face of corruption in this country.

The 30- second ad is aptly titled "Corruption" with a soothing but credible woman's voice enumerating the number of sins Hillary has committed against the American people and how she has betrayed the state while in office, and enriching herself and family through a supposedly charitable institution.

No supplement videos or file footage of Hillary was used for the commercial- neither were they needed. The simple but effective ad wisely used texts for the keywords or as headlines while Hillary's face remain plastered through-out the ad.

The TV ad speaks of how from dead broke, Hillary has become filthy rich;

How she employs pay-to-play politics;

How cash poured in into the Clinton Foundation from criminals, dictators, foreign enemies that hate America;

How Hillary shrewdly cut deals with donors;

Sold out American workers;

Heartlessly exploited Haitians in need;

And shamelessly handed over American uranium rights to Russians.

In short as the ad summarizes- Hillary only cares about power, money and herself. Hillary never cared for Americans- not the women and families she claims to espouse; not you and me.

The Hillary corruption TV ad comes just a day after the campaign team of Trump released a separate ad calling attention to Hillary's foreign policy failures and her health.

Both ads are set to air nationally and in several battle ground states between now and election day.

The TV ad comes with an accompanying statement from the Team Trump proclaiming that Hillary knows nothing about creating jobs, but knows a lot about making money by exploiting her and her husband's government position.

" The Clintons have made a living out of selling government access to Wall Street donors and special interests in exchange for donations to their slush fund conspicuously disguised as the Clinton Foundation", said senior communications adviser Jason Miller.

The face of corruption indeed.

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