By: Savannah Smith | 02-10-2018 | News
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Police Say Melbourne Stabbing Incident Is an Act of Terror

Australian police have declared that a stabbing incident in Melbourne’s northern suburbs on Friday afternoon was inspired by the Islamic State.

A Bangladeshi woman identified as Momena Shoma was arrested on the scene of the incident after she allegedly stabbed a 56-year-old man while he slept.

The suspect was charged on Saturday by the Victorian Joint Counter-Terrorism Team, a task force composed of officers from Victoria Police, Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).

The stabbing victim survived the incident as he underwent surgery on Friday for injuries that were not life-threatening. The victim had his young child with him at that time, who thankfully was not hurt.

Shoma arrived in Melbourne on February 1 on a student visa. She is now facing one count of engaging in a terroristic act. Said charge carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

If police theories at this point will be proven true, it will mark the seventh terrorist attack on Australia since 2014.

Victoria Police was quick to assure the public that the incident was isolated and that there was no threat to the community. AFP deputy commissioner of National Security Ian McCartney said: “We will allege this was a stand-alone, Islamic State-inspired attack, designed to cause harm to our community.”


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